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Desc:RIP, Bill Cosby's career.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Cartoons & Animation
Tags:Bill Cosby, 70s, filmation, fat albert, Horrible cartoon infinity
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Comment count is 14
infinite zest - 2015-05-13
0:58. D:
Xenocide - 2015-05-13
Stay out of his shed.

Old_Zircon - 2015-05-13
If I only allowed myself to enjoy artists who weren't awful people in one way or another, I'd only be able to enjoy like 15 things total. It's harder to separate the work from the person with someone like Cosby whose body of work is kind of inseparable from his public persona, though. It's not quite the same as, say, still listening to the Fugs even though Aline Kominsky Crumb was allegedly raped by one of them, or still liking Sleeper.
infinite zest - 2015-05-13
Roman Polanski, records produced by Phil Spector, OJ Simpson in Naked Gun 1 and 2, even Matthew Broderick!

infinite zest - 2015-05-13
Was Cosby really that inseparable from "Cosby" though? Early Cosby's a show about a lower middle class teacher, Fat Albert's about kids living in poverty, and Cosby Show's about an affluent doctor. That's more versatile, at least socioeconomically, than lots of comedic actors' gamuts run. Let's see Bazinga guy be in a dark comedic sitcom about two junkie friends.

EvilHomer - 2015-05-13
Well, maybe you SHOULD only enjoy 15 things in total. Killing our idols is a vital part of the American cultural landscape; we need to burn the old so that the new might rise and take their place! Cosby was fertile in his day, but his fields have grown barren, and now he is simply taking up valuable cultural space. He must die, as must all the other things you treasure, and he must lie fallow until enough time has passed, that his body of work can be repackaged and resold to a future generation, one that has never heard of him. Then the cycle can begin again.

Nikon - 2015-05-13
You can still enjoy OJ in Naked Gun, especially when he gets pushed down the stairs. Just in a different way than before.

Spit Spingola - 2015-05-13
I would say he is inseparable. He pretty much behaved the same on stage and in all his TV shows and movies except for a few of the weird 70s ones.

Dude really stopped being funny some time in the sixties and Fat Albert is kind of indicitive of his shift away from jokes and into kind of patronizing edutainment. Guess he was always a prolific fapist, though.

gravelstudios - 2015-05-13
It reminds me of the debate about Wagner. Whether it's possible to separate his opinions and writings about race from his body of musical output. The two are inextricably connected.

Then again, Wagner only wrote about race. Cosby drugged and raped women. I suppose there is a difference.

Xenocide - 2015-05-13
Yeah, the comfort level really depends on what kind of work the artist is doing. If his work directly harkens back to the horrible thing he did, then it becomes exponentially more uncomfortable. We call that the Floyd Mayweather Principal.

I guess the difference here is that Cosby cultivated this wholesome, wise dad image so perfectly that learning the truth about him creates a sort of Inverse Mayweather Principal. The math needed to quantify this does not yet exist.

Unmerciful Crushing Force - 2015-05-13
Imagine if we found out Tom Hanks had a child sex ring.


BiggerJ - 2015-05-14
I remember when Doug TenNapel did a Kickstarter for a game and people basically said 'if you give money to him YOU ARE LITERALLY STRANGLING A GAY PERSON TO DEATH WITH YOUR HANDS RIGHT NOW'.

BiggerJ - 2015-05-14
Or was that the Earthworm Jim sketchbook Kickstarter. Whichever.

Xenocide - 2015-05-15
That was a huge exaggeration. "Strangle a gay person" was one of the stretch goals.

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