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Desc:FHRITP creator John Cain tells City TV not to be offended.
Category:News & Politics, Humor
Tags:canada, news, swearing, toronto, FHRITP
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Comment count is 13
Binro the Heretic
"Fuck her right in the pussy is not a sexual assault towards women."

"It's our thing, leave it alone, bitch."

Is this guy eleven years old? Does he have that condition that causes him to age faster?
I have no audio at work (so I'm going off your quote), but I gotta say:
Duh, it's not sexual assault. It's sexual harassment you shit heel and that's a criminal offense.

Jet Bin Fever
I had no idea what FHRITP meant until he said it, even though I had seen these stupid videos before. He's grossly overestimating the importance of this "craze"
"...so we're going to make you look stupid..."

Yes, City News is the one doing that.

Anyhow, this guy is just protecting his tee shirt sales.
This was a boring and fake meme that was only sort of funny for about two minutes last year.
John Holmes Motherfucker
He's the "creator" of fuck her right in the pussy. Wonder what else is on his resume.
infinite zest
According to his bio, he's sort of like a less funny Nathan Fielder. Besides FHRITP he's responsible for several other hoax videos that made it past news filters, like the story about smoking bed bugs. By the looks of him, his day job is probably in retail management.

infinite zest
shit didn't mean to 5 star.. I feel bad for submitting the very first FHRITP video onto poetv.. I didn't know. I DIDN'T KNOW! He dun got me good doc! :(

This is some Baudrillard Simulacra/Simulacrum type shit right here.

John Holmes Motherfucker
I almost feel sorry for him. I bet he's got a garage filled with those stupid T-shirts. On the other hand, fuck him right in the ass for acting like he's the injured party, and trying to sell a dumb conspiracy theory.
John Holmes Motherfucker
I already hate myself for suggesting this, but how about a "mansplaining" tag?

He seems genuinely surprised that some women find "Fuck her right in the pussy", to be somehow sexist and offensive.
Sanest Man Alive

or FHRRITB for short. I totally invented that and I'm gonna sell so many T-shirts!
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