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Desc:Of all the 'crazy person on mass transit' videos, this one is especially good.
Category:Educational, Horror
Tags:Bus, crazy, DC, drugs, fathers day
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Comment count is 13
American Standard - 2015-05-20
Crazy or high? I'm voting high.

Still entertaining.
yogarfield - 2015-05-20
crazy high, and high on crazy

infinite zest - 2015-05-20
There's something I love about "fun" crazy people that I've observed in other parts of the country but rarely in my neck of the woods. I dunno if it's the weather or what, but this gal's just having a good time, on whatever it is she's on, whereas the crazies out here are so sporadic with whatever they're saying there's no point in even trying to have a conversation when they start talking to you, so everybody just ignores them. Here, people can laugh right along like it's free stand-up comedy without the fear of getting attacked. That being said, I'm glad girlfriend is taking the bus instead of driving, and hope she got to her destination ok.

SuperSquiggles - 2015-05-20
Deathgrips is putting out some weird stuff these days.
misterbuns - 2015-05-20
a salon.com editor got lost!
chumbucket - 2015-05-20
Bath salts is crazy good
gravelstudios - 2015-05-20
Yay! I got a video through the hopper without Chocolate Jesus downvoting it!
Last night, I went on youtube and watched a ton of 'crazy person on mass transit' videos. There were some real contenders, but this one was my favorite.
RedHood - 2015-05-20
Don't you speak that devil's name over up in here.

gravelstudios - 2015-05-21
It's the line at the end about the cake from Dairy Queen that really makes it, I think.

dairyqueenlatifah - 2015-05-20
I love how it goes from everyone around being awkwardly quiet and uncomfortable looking to everyone laughing when she starts talking about Fathers Day.
Hooker - 2015-05-24
The "everyone act as if there isn't a crazy person being crazy on the bus" look is one I am well familiar with. The idea in everyone's head, I guarantee you, is the knowingly-naive idea that if the crazy person see you looking at them, you will be come the object of their fixation.

blue vein steel - 2015-05-21
Lived in DC, and watching drunk people act silly on the Metro is a local past-time
Rudy - 2015-05-21
Am I right, ladies? WHERE MY GIRLS AT?
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