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Desc:Of all the 'crazy person on mass transit' videos, this one is especially good.
Category:Educational, Horror
Tags:Bus, crazy, DC, drugs, fathers day
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American Standard
Crazy or high? I'm voting high.

Still entertaining.
crazy high, and high on crazy

infinite zest
There's something I love about "fun" crazy people that I've observed in other parts of the country but rarely in my neck of the woods. I dunno if it's the weather or what, but this gal's just having a good time, on whatever it is she's on, whereas the crazies out here are so sporadic with whatever they're saying there's no point in even trying to have a conversation when they start talking to you, so everybody just ignores them. Here, people can laugh right along like it's free stand-up comedy without the fear of getting attacked. That being said, I'm glad girlfriend is taking the bus instead of driving, and hope she got to her destination ok.

Deathgrips is putting out some weird stuff these days.
a salon.com editor got lost!
Bath salts is crazy good
Yay! I got a video through the hopper without Chocolate Jesus downvoting it!
Last night, I went on youtube and watched a ton of 'crazy person on mass transit' videos. There were some real contenders, but this one was my favorite.
Don't you speak that devil's name over up in here.

It's the line at the end about the cake from Dairy Queen that really makes it, I think.

I love how it goes from everyone around being awkwardly quiet and uncomfortable looking to everyone laughing when she starts talking about Fathers Day.
The "everyone act as if there isn't a crazy person being crazy on the bus" look is one I am well familiar with. The idea in everyone's head, I guarantee you, is the knowingly-naive idea that if the crazy person see you looking at them, you will be come the object of their fixation.

blue vein steel
Lived in DC, and watching drunk people act silly on the Metro is a local past-time
Am I right, ladies? WHERE MY GIRLS AT?
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