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Desc:'The Jewniverse expands'
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Humor
Tags:youtube poop, ytp, steven universe, Dikekike
Submitted:pressed peanut sweepings
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Comment count is 19
infinite zest
Dikekike's an enigma. Some of his stuff (I'm just assuming he's a he) is absolute genius and some of it is absolutely juvenile shit the ten year old me wouldn't think was funny. This definitely falls into the former category though.
How come there are so many here who like Steven Universe yet hate MLP?
Probably because SU fans can appreciate their things being made fun of, and don't take everything too seriously. MLP seems okay as a cartoon but holy shit the fandom...

It's because people are just naturally biased against things they don't think they should like. I'm sure if Steven Universe fans gave MLP a shot, they'd simmer down a bit... but they won't, probably because they're worried that watching MLP will make them less manly (it will, but not so much that they can't get their Man Points back with a good hour or two of lifting weights).

You know how it is, Cena. I do, too. We both used to hate MLP, because we thought hating it was what we were "supposed" to do. We came up with all these convoluted, bullshit excuses, like "oh it's OK to hate the show, because it's made for children!", or, "it's OK to hate the show, because the fans are all weirdos and perverts!" Of course, these stereotypes were wrong - we can see clearly that now. We were being jerks, plain and simple. We are better now.

Fluffy doesn't know it yet, but he will be next. Heheh, I bet his favorite pony is Fluffle Puff.

Sexy Duck Cop
what the fuck is stephen universe

Shoebox Joe
@Fluffy, http://www.poetv.com/video.php?vid=143909 , in reference to the nominal thread.

This whole "which fandom is better" is really starting to feel asinine, not just run of the mill excrement.

SU was never tied to a gender market, so the leverage is that you'll see less people gushing and protesting how a show they were never supposed to like in the first place ended up being decent. SU was never tied to corporate merchandising so there is a lot more flexibility and reliance that what ever comes out will be more faithful to the show and not be modified on what marketing/business execs deem age appropriate.

MLP has the attraction of the creepy furry crowd with their pseudo philosophical bullshit of attempting to make something more important than it actually is all for the sake of comfort, but apparently that's not tied solely to MLP and furries.

Honestly, what happened to being skeptical of a person's social perspective in general when they croon about a show meant for a younger audience? Seriously. Are you all self-hating closet furries or are you people giving way too much credit for the "bending" side of anything tagged as "taboo"?

5 stars for the video

Steven Universe is totally a girls show. Most of the characters are girls who are colored like ponies, and its created by a girl.

infinite zest
I'd say a better comparison would be MLP and Powerpuff Girls. Besides both being animated and possessing a pretty strong "girl power" theme, they're not really the same show. But Powerpuff Girls is aimed at little girls, it's just subversive enough for adults of any genders to appreciate. MLP:FiM borrows a lot from Powerpuff Girls' style. And I asked before if Bronys would continue to follow MLP if they just decided to drop the current aesthetic and go back to G3 and I've gotten at least two of your answers back as a resounding "fuck no." Honestly, I'm not a "fan" of either show, since I don't go out of my way to watch them, but I like them both and catch them when they're on.

But, for all the art that comes with MLP, there's just as much for Adventure Time, and I'm sure SU isn't far behind. Neither has a movement that self-identifies like Bronys yet as far as I know, outside of people who wear Finn hats or maybe cosplay as the gems at otaku festivals..

Adventure Time sucks. Its just for hipsters.

infinite zest
Nothing inherently sucks about a show that's catered to hipsters or mods or suedeheads.. Ren and Stimpy was obviously catered to an adult audience, but kids liked the fart jokes, and Rocco's Modern Life focused on adult problems that kids don't have to deal with in a pretty obvious way, but they're talking animals so kids will like it too. But Adventure Time just got annoying over time, and realized that most of its audience was netflixing it instead of actually watching it on Cartoon Network, so it went for the adults who get high and watch it at 3 in the morning than the handful of kids who watch it when it's on. Question though: I see a lot of MLP being rocked by "hipsters" every day. Not like full-on Brony, not that I'd be able to make the distinction anyway, but backpacks, patches, tattoos and clothing. So at this point I'd consider a Brony to be someone who takes the extra step, like The Kiss Army. I can be a hipster and walk around with a sweet rainbow dash tank top, but can I name all the main ponies? Nope!

infinite zest
I mean I could look it up, but from memory, twilight sparkle, pinkie pie, rainbow dash, applejack.. see I can't do it. Scout's honor.

"But Powerpuff Girls is aimed at little girls, it's just subversive enough for adults of any genders to appreciate."

Nahh, "Powerpuff Girls" is ass, always has been, always will be. It just happens to have arrived in an era when 20-somethings were looking for good cartoons on TV, and "Powerpuff Girls" was the closest thing they could find. With only a handful of exceptions like "Samurai Jack", almost all of Cartoon Network's original programming was pretty lame until 2005 or so, when things started to pick up.

Sexy Duck Cop
For Christine-Chan's cameo. I miss that kid.
infinite zest
Yeah that's a pretty good Chris Chan. Is that from something else? Obviously the Satan is from South Park.. also the "Success!" thing is from some game I think but I can't remember what.

pressed peanut sweepings
The Chris-Chan image is from that Harry Partridge video where Nicholas Cage wants that cake. The "Success" is from smash bros.
pressed peanut sweepings
Meant as a reply to infinite zest

Sexy Duck Cop
What's the video called?

pressed peanut sweepings
Nicolas Cage Wants Cake

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