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Desc:Big ol instrument.
Category:Educational, Arts
Tags:music, octobasse, infrasound
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Maggot Brain
I've only every heard of these big fellas before and they were described as having to be play be two people. The key pad was a clever touch.
This thing looks cool, and makes interesting sounds, but it's essentially musically useless.
Maggot Brain
Not really useless as unnecessary. The only thing that is instrument really meant to play the super-low that you'd normally play with the foot keys on a pipe organ.

By that logic, guitars, drums, violins, trumpets, and even rainsticks are unnecessary, since nowadays you can do all that stuff with a good keyboard. In fact, now that Hatsune Miku exists, the only worthwhile instrument which keyboards can never seem to get right is a bagpipe; so taking you guys' position to its logical conclusion, the only two instruments which should still be in use are keyboards and bagpipes.

Which is absolutely true. I agree 100%.

My point is that it seems pretty unlikely that you could play any kind of interesting moving line on it. It's only good for very long very low notes. I just don't think it's worth the trouble and expense of having one in a real orchestra for what is essentially a sound effect. I think it's cool, and I bet it sounds awesome in the right context, but it's still pointless.

A sound you feel more than hear.
Sounds more like a refrigeration compressor going bad.
Jet Bin Fever
Why haven't metal bands gotten behind this instrument yet? It growls like a beast.
Classical music's attempt at cabinet rumble.
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