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Desc:Safer than making meth, I guess.
Category:Science & Technology, Business
Tags:acid, gold, Hood, electronics, scrap
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Comment count is 6
The gold he recovered is worth about 45$
The life of the Acid Hobo.

pretty cool but at this scale and even at minimum wage it'd be more economical to just buy it

Sneeeheeheehee!! Gold. Goooooooold! GOOOOOOOLD!!!!
Coulda sworn this was on here already, but if so the tags for the original fucking suck.

Stars for the jerry-rigged setup. And the thought of people managing to melt their actual fingers off because of poor procedures. Or fucking up and pouring plain water into the acid and causing an explosion or whatever.

Also this dude sounds like Penn Jillette.
Jet Bin Fever
Glad it's saving it from a landfill, but I doubt he's big on the proper disposal of his piles of corrosive chemicals
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