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Desc:'You know that's gonna be good when you see the chunks in it.'
Category:Crime, Educational
Tags:Gaming, mountain dew, Doritos
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Comment count is 8
endlesschris - 2015-06-12
I get it, the guy's shtick is that he's a big fat doofus. Now can we stop posting these things?
fedex - 2015-06-12
wow, the goatee made him look thin, I didn't realize how fat he was until you pointed it out

simon666 - 2015-06-12
Listen, endlesschris. We all have our moments of weakness when we tire of the spectacle and voyeurism. But the move is to take a break for a bit. Don't swim against the tide, just rest near the bank where the current is slower. We'll be here one you regain your strength.

fedex - 2015-06-13
He is so fat it almost looks like some smaller person is hiding behind him, doing the arms

lotsmoreorcs - 2015-06-13
this guys videos are 80 percent fake and i can find them on the youtube main screen

infinite zest - 2015-06-12
For a guy insufferable for me to give up after :45, he's sure got a pretty nice kitchen and look at all the photos on the fridge. In my amazon ad, I got DEWshine, which is a limited edition kind with real sugar, the name harkening back to its roots (Mountain Dew was what they called Moonshine) something I thought Mountain Dew was trying to distance themselves from the same as Coke tries to distance themselves from its cocaine roots.
misterbuns - 2015-06-12
portal of the mundane
The Mothership - 2015-06-12
Ok, so this is totally contrived, but I wasn't expecting it to be as disgusting as it was, so 4 stars for surprising me despite itself.
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