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Desc:What the TMNT show was parodying before it turned in to self parody.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Advertisements
Tags:80s, robocop, cash-in, Horrible cartoon infinity
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Comment count is 24
infinite zest - 2015-06-07
This and the Robocop arcade game at the Pizza Hut were my first exposures to Robocop, and I actually liked this show, given that I was like 7 or something, so imagine my excitement when my dad rented me Robocop the movie! I think about ten minutes in he was like "thank god mom's not home.." I can't think of any other franchise that catered to kids so much whose original material was so violent and with so many swears and drug references. Robocop is directly responsible for me trying to snort sugar because I thought that's what they were doing. I mean, Die Hard, Predator, Terminator, Rambo all had games, and maybe some toys, but never a cartoon aimed at kids on top of all of that. Oh, my fucking youth.
Lurchi - 2015-06-07
Rambo had a cartoon.

infinite zest - 2015-06-07
Holy shit he did! Guess it'd make sense to compete with GI Joe.. but you sure don't see that anymore.. I remember when Guardians of the Galaxy was criticized just because kids might want to check out James Gunn's other work because they liked it so much. Even something like 300, which would be easy to make into a non-violent cartoon seems off the table.

infinite zest - 2015-06-07
There's so much I love about this and I've only watched the first 2 minutes. I always thought the narrator was saying "bulletproof titanium robotic farts" in the intro, and I love how the guy's explaining to the rest of the gang about how the plasma's worth a ton on the black market, as if they didn't know what they were going to be stealing before they got there.

infinite zest - 2015-06-07
Also so many excuses to make robo/tin/metal/etc. jokes. Robots in the future will watch this like we watch The Jazz Singer.

Nominal - 2015-06-07
Toxic Avenger had a cartoon too. They managed to sell it in that whole Captain Planet wave of environmentalism in the early 90s.

Caminante Nocturno - 2015-06-07
Rambo's cartoon was the inspiring tale of a veteran overcoming his PTSD and rejoining the armed forces.

Caminante Nocturno - 2015-06-08
Kiss my big toe, copper!

StanleyPain - 2015-06-07
There was a live action Robocop series too called Dark Justice which was fucking out there. Didn't last long, maybe a season at most, but damn....it was fantastically terrible. There were dvd releases of it years back, but by now they are probably super hard to find.
infinite zest - 2015-06-07
Oh yeah! I think it was called Prime Directives though. I just remember it being like Sci-Fi Channel Dune bad, maybe even worse.

StanleyPain - 2015-06-07
Now that I remember, Prime Directives was the show, Dark Justice was the made for TV movie.

infinite zest - 2015-06-07
It kind of sucks because it probably could've been good. I fell asleep with Netflix on the other night and for some reason it started on Daredevil; I was mostly trying to fall back to sleep with it on but it's pretty good! Robocop's probably my favorite movie that's had nothing but crap after it, running the franchise into the ground, and Daredevil's probably my favorite Marvel hero (not counting Deadpool) who's shitty movie almost did the same, but whose comics and miniseries are bringing him back to life.

Nominal - 2015-06-07
Dark Justice used to be on Netflix. Not anymore :(

Old_Zircon - 2015-06-08
Here's some of Prime Directives, but it's dubbed:


Scattersane - 2015-06-07
"A bloody fortune!" Ha. Clever.

Also, I feel like the opening robbery in this is part of the plot of Tank Police.
infinite zest - 2015-06-07
Even if I was part of some criminal syndicate, I doubt if I'd buy black market plasma. If I needed an emergency transfusion, Hospitals would still treat me the same regardless of criminal background.

Caminante Nocturno - 2015-06-07


Potrod - 2015-06-07
brb going to watch the tank police intro.

Nominal - 2015-06-07
Yes, but hospitals have to report any gunshot wounds to the police.

Sanest Man Alive - 2015-06-08
That's all well and good Caminante, but would you really want to see any of those robbers try to distract the police with a striptease?

Nominal - 2015-06-07
Heh, the traffic bit was actually pretty good. Better than anything in the 3rd movie, at least.
BHWW - 2015-06-07
In the opening, we see Officers Lewis and Murphy cracking down on Han Solo cosplayers
Sanest Man Alive - 2015-06-08
For the record, which TMNT series did you mean? We've had three or four of them now.
fluffy - 2015-06-08
"Murphy! Look out!" says the fragile fleshy hu-man to the armor-plated cyborg

I also love how they glossed over 'mortally wounded' in the intro.
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