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Desc:could be better
Category:Short Films, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:paranoid schizophrenia, stalkedinboston, takin it to the streets
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Comment count is 16
Her channel is now called "Please don't kill me"

I worry about her.
I would still rather date her instead of another Borderline
That guy
Oh, I hear that.

Brothers for life!

histrionic personality disorder is where it's at

Dated a BPD lady for a year and a bit and lemme tell ya... It's like this, sometimes, but different.

That guy
I really just voted this through because she sounds like a Lauren Lapkus character.
Ho Ho!

That guy
Aelric knows what I'm talkin'bout!

Prickly Pete
"How is Lena doing"? 4 words. 4 Washington Lane! The next clue is at the White House!

That guy
Up-to-date, Prickly Pete!

I wonder if Lena has her butt-crack pierced?

Next season on Girls.
Has she ever managed to get people arrested or do the cops figure this out fairly quickly? Had one friend with a sorta-girlfriend with paranoid schizophrenia and he had to go down to the station a couple of times before the cops consistently remembered that the girl was off her meds.
This question keeps me up at night.

She had a run-in with a police officer in November after someone called the cops on her because she was freaked out by his coughing, but I don't think any charges were laid.


Other videos taken immediately before or aftern


Oh, my. I haven't seen one of her videos in a while. She's really gone downhill.
The Mothership
Same thought; she's raving.

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