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Desc:according to some THIS is the one who killed Nicole and Ronald
Category:Educational, Crime
Tags:oj simpson, kentucky, serial killer, true crime, Glen Rogers
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Comment count is 4
EvilHomer - 2015-06-16
Chad Lee 5 months ago
These are dirt poor people trying to cash in.

emma jane 4 months ago
that is what they have done their entire life when they needed anything they just violated other people and this is no different they are using the sympathy of the public to try to get notoriety and empathy for their brother being a serial killer even though the brothers are the ones that got him started into the life of crime in the first place! This is why I never give money to beggars because most of them are liars!

... and many more comments, only on Youtube™!
EvilHomer - 2015-06-16
In fairness to the YT community, this documentary IS pretty trashy and exploitative, and the relatives do come off as opportunistic sleazeballs (particularly the brother; I'm surprised he didn't face charges himself).

My theory is that True Crime docs like this skew their audience's perception of reality, and are largely responsible for the variously paranoid, classist, and authoritarian attitudes of habitual True Crime doc watchers, such as those we observe in Youtube comment sections. Every time lurid music places over a faded photo of a redneck family, every time some tearful old woman says "he 'needed help', but he never got any!", these are ideas being planted in the minds of the audience, slowly breaking down their ability to maintain perspective and think rationally. The ironic thing, then, is that the more they watch True Crime documentaries (ostensibly existing to provide information as a public service), the worse people these YT commenters become.

But what does that mean for u̲s̲? Might *we* - the poeTV crowd, the audience watching the audience watching the show -also fall prey to this very same process? Is our own cynical view of internet humanity a reflection of objective truth, or is it simply an illusion caused by the grease-stains on our viewport? I'd argue that, NO, in fact, poe's cynicism is totally justified and properly reflects reality... but it's an interesting, somewhat worrying question to consider.

misterbuns - 2015-06-16
i voted this up because this show is awful and the only one who is saying he killed NBS are these garage people.
Hailey2006 - 2015-06-17
I found this when somebody was spamming links to it on the comment section of another OJ video.

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