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Desc:dude loves his angle grinder
Category:Educational, Science & Technology
Tags:knife, Shovel, concrete, angle grinder
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Comment count is 13
This is edited verbatim like a howtobasic video. Five stars!
It made me crave some RRcherrypie videos.

I guess that's nice.

Made using just his ingenuity and over 00 worth of power tools with some epoxy.
Could have made a better one with a couple of files and a blow torch.

Steel hasn't been treated at all, the odds of this knife actually being usable are very low.

(full disclosure, I didn't watch much, just jumped to different parts to make sure he was doing what I expected he was doing)

Rodents of Unusual Size
You obviously have knife envy.

Just seems like a hipster thing to me.

"Look at this recycled/common materials item I made, using only hundreds of dollars of power tools and toxic glue"

I agree, but in the guy's defense I don't think he's presenting it as "look at how inexpensively you can make a knife!". It's just fun thing to do that comes out looking kinda nice when you're done, and is made out of surprising materials.

Also, a plug-in angle grinder and a belt/disk combo sander for a benchtop can be had for much less money than you probably think, even if you buy them new.

Yeah his whole channel is about coming up with interesting knife concepts as an artform, not about doing knives for cheap, or even anything intended to be functional (such as the ones with wooden blades).

May thy knife chip and shatter!
That guy

That's fucked up.

I think this gave me silicosis
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