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Oscar Wildcat - 2015-06-25

Dogs, man, Do they ever get tired of hearing themselves bark? WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF. 16 fucking minutes of it. Shut up, already. Where the hell is your owner?

American Standard - 2015-06-25

I thought it was explicitly against crazypants protocol to call bullshit on anyone else's fantasies. If anyone's self-important delusions are called into question, it endangers your own, doesn't it?

Miss Henson's 6th grade class - 2015-06-25

Baby steps to sanity. But this girlboy's twenty-two, which seems a bit old for this.

BHWW - 2015-06-25

I've seen plenty of these 'kin online question the validity of other 'kins, even within their own groups, like "fictionkin" getting into arguments over validity of canons and such. There's plenty of intra-group slapfighting and drama like that going on.

EvilHomer - 2015-06-25

Kirsten Gro▀mann 5 days ago

So many Rose Quartz fictionkin reblog my art and tag it with "#me" ... it's ... incredibly awkward.

EvilHomer - 2015-06-25

Also, @ 11:50

http://www.theonion.com/article/lesbian-identity-ends-abruptly -mid-junior-year-1505


BiggerJ - 2015-06-25

Another reason weird groups don't like calling each other out - at least, this one is the case with furries - is that they have been excluded to much by others that they have come to believe that all exclusion is wrong (see: Geek Social Fallaces 1 and 2 at http://www.plausiblydeniable.com/opinion/gsf.html ).

That guy - 2015-06-25

Die cisspecied scum etc

Aress - 2015-06-25

Very special snowflakes that are all identical.

EvilHomer - 2015-06-26

Would like to hear Boomer's opinion on this girl. She says she is a Dog therian, but she's still quite young, and intensely angry - not like a friendly Dog at all. Combined with the fact that she doesn't appear to actively live a dog lifestyle (why is she not barking? Wearing a collar? Eating dog food?), my suspicion is that, for her, being a Dog is "just a phase".

But I'm not sure. I don't know too many fully fledged trans-dogs, aside from Boomer of course, and tangentially through him, dogs like Hobnose and the late Saintly Bernard. What do you guys think? Is she a dog-for-life, or just a young person experimenting?

Boomer The Dog - 2015-07-02

Hi Homer, it's hard to tell, the conditions are probably different for her, she has an outlet through a video channel, and a whole group of other Therians, and the texts written by those who came before her. Just by seeing her on PoeTV I think she's the star of her own show, with lots of friend and fan feedback, as it is for many now.

I had a love for Dogs and the idea of transformation into one that was fun until it got serious a few years later, to the point I was thinking of myself as a Dog and wanting to be one.

I didn't know anyone in communications, like at a TV station, in theater or an actor, to help me do something with my Dogginess, but I did get out there with my AM radio 'Dog Station' from the basement, while I was still in school, so I guess that was my form of Youtube.

That was really the name, "The Dog Station, Radio 200 at 1580 AM", that was my ID, and I was Boomer The Dog there. The 200 stood for 200 meter band. That was my personality extended, music lover and as a Dog personality, but I didn't bark too much about the details of being a Dog really, I was just a Dog DJ personality.

It was more like Wolfman Jack being a wolf, nothing about being a Were Dog or explaining it, just being a Dog and letting the audience take it the way they wanted to, which was probably a gimmick for radio.

Later when I met listeners, someone said they thought I might have been broadcasting from a kennel, as a night manager there, running a pirate radio station to pass the time.

In that way I think it would matter what IDGAF is like off stage and how strongly she actually feels as a Dog, to separate the social side from what you actually feel. I had a lot of alone moments with being a Dog, going for walks and wondering about it, playing Dog, drawing Dogs, spending time with pooches and then having the anthro idea come in, and then getting my outlet on radio.

I feel like I went on a long journey that was different enough that it was incompatible with the way people in my life did things. It was my own world and pretty much unedited by social interactions.

People didn't get how someone could be a Dog, or when I'd go on with passion about a movie like Shaggy DA and its meaning. They'd want to go to the hotel to play Pac-Man, chase girls and things like that.


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