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Desc:“Here at Myers Enterprises, Inc., we like to say our devices turn bad boys into choir boys”
Category:Crime, Pets & Animals
Tags:ZAP, torture, binders, Stun Cuffs, Myers Enterprises
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Comment count is 9
Is there really any application for this other than torturing people already restrained?
You could incapacitate someone who may be unpredictable, untrustworthy, suspicious, under arrest, etc from a distance without having a clear line of sight to them. If used properly it could save lives -- rather than having to shoot a fleeing suspect, you can just stun them with 100% accuracy and 0% risk to their life. As the electrical impulses will travel from leg to leg, the risk of arrythmia is greatly reduced (less conduction through the chest).

I'm not a doctor or a cop and this is all immediately obvious to me.

SolRo, your innocent officer of peace (according to the Pokedex) can't express their roid rage in flipping a switch or turning a dial. In order to get the true rage rush of ultra-violence they need physical contact. These are a novelty at best, destined to be used by prison doctors as a substitute for food and water.


Or you could use handcuffs and run after them. I like how the dichotomy that came to mind for stopping a fleeing suspect was to stun or shoot them.

"It could save lives" is my favorite argument, since you can say it about literally anything.

okay, try chasing a perp who can throw 200 lb punches escaping in a crowd. sure, that's easy. Try landing a stungun or taser shot at range with other people in between you and target, while they are actively escaping. Ankle cuffs help only to stop full speed running -- escaping into a crowd, ankle cuffs don't pose much of a challenge.

I'd rather just press a button myself.

Let's see how you handle a nine hundred pound half lawnmower, half centaur in a daycare, mister smarty pantses! What if they're hopped up on meth and have a nuclear weapon surgically implanted in their chests!? What then, bleeding hearts!? WHAT THEN!!!

Hypotheticals are important to these technologies, as are logical fallacies.

It's kinda creepy how these dudebros think it's a funny toy.
If he went into cardiac arrest, how many minutes would they be trying to shake him awake while calling him a pussy-queer

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