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Desc:Galvatron rebuilt Soundwave and named him New Soundwave. His cassette buddies approve.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Humor
Tags:Transformers, decepticons, singapore, terrible dub, autobots
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Comment count is 8
Not included: The Autobots only bother to rebuild Blaster because his tapes are too emo to fight.
Soundwave could very well put time and space in a chokehold, i miss his famous monotone slave voice
New Soundwave; Just like the old Soundwave, but with the adjective "new" added in.
is the narrator australian?
So, where did his cassette buddies live while he was being rebuilt?
Maybe they had a walkman.
It's all just a ploy by Megatron to generate attention for SOundwave. Give it a month and he'll come out with Soundwave classic
Testicles of Doom
personally, I'm waiting for Crystal Soundwave.

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