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Desc:Money shot at 49 seconds
Category:Nature & Places, Horror
Tags:short and sweet, pitcher plant, carnivorous plants, digestive orgy, its a trap!
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Comment count is 10
"I saw on Yelp that these ants have a 4.5 star average rating. I'm surprised we could even get in!" - White Collar Pitcher Plant
White Collar Pitcher Plant, growing fat off the hard workers of the jungle.
-1 for insultingly bad sound design (the norm on nature shows or the last couple decades, but that's not excuse).
how would you know that a pitcher plant doesn't make a wet rubber squeak when a cricket slips on it?!

Binro the Heretic
At this point, I'm just glad they didn't add in pitched-up Willhelm screams.

Still loses stars for the sound, though.

I especially liked the bubbly bloops of the drowning cricket.

Sanest Man Alive
If these assholes hadn't dubbed all their dumb foleys in, you could totally hear the record scratch and toilet flush sounds the pitcher plant actually makes every time a termite falls in.

Could we get a version of this with Wilhelm Screams dubbed in?

Love these plants, kind of questioning the 6,000 ants an hour, they aren't fast digesters and the pitchers would fill up in a few hours of active trapping.

Robin Kestrel
There's a Planet Earth segment where Attenborough shows a type of spider that lives around pitcher plants. They don't spin webs; they drop down into the pitcher plant on a strand and suck the trapped bugs dry, then climb back out.
The Blue Collar Welfare Spider!

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