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Desc:In a car. Wheeeeeeee.
Tags:2 wheels, stunt driving, COMMENTARY!, terry grant
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Comment count is 6
infinite zest
Good username video synchronicity. This is actually the same car model that I use at work. I'm not going to try it, but in case I ever get stuck up on two wheels like that, how do I get it down like he does at the end? S
I would think that steering toward the ground would do it.

infinite zest
seems like steering in any direction would just cause it to tilt over, but I dunno.

blue vein steel
i own a Juke, but i'll never try this

The Mothership
Sub category: advertisements

Also needs the commentary! tag.
I wonder how much better the gas mileage is in that mode.

I can't imagine how hard this must be to perfect. He'd have to be always aware of every nuance of the car's motion to know how much to steer to in order to keep it on the 2, or on any for that matter.
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