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Desc:Race war!
Category:Sports, Educational
Tags:south carolina, racists, confederate flag, reasonable pink shirt, WORLDSTARREDNECK!
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Comment count is 13
chumbucket - 2015-07-02
"The blood in my teeth, the blood in my hands is no comparison to the southern blood that runs through my veins." Dude appears to be very sanguine about the situation despite his poor understanding of where his blood is from.
Killer Joe - 2015-07-02
It's probably too much to hope that he was talking about the comparative volumes of blood.

TheOtherCapnS - 2015-07-02
Maybe the blood on his teeth and hands isn't his blood.

Binro the Heretic - 2015-07-02
A "flag supporter" who doesn't deserve to have his name noted was arrested for starting the fistfight.

Bloody-faced douchebag who also doesn't deserve to have his name mentioned probably jumped in before realizing black people are capable of defending themselves somehow. That, or he probably let himself get injured so he could whine about being hurt by the mean old black folks.

Nobody was arrested for bloodying that guy, though. Maybe he did it to himself?

Hazelnut - 2015-07-02
Loving the use of "sanguine" and really really hoping it was on purpose.

blue vein steel - 2015-07-02
one of the pro-flag supporters was actually arrested. I don't think any charges were filed. This all happened a couple days ago. Directly accross the street is The Whig, SC's most well known "hipster" bar (who catered the wedding from my first marriage). Not that that has anything to do with it, just want to give a shout out to my favorite bar.

Oscar Wildcat - 2015-07-02
J. Gould, the famous financier and railroad developer, once opined "Why should I be afraid? I can hire one half of the working class to kill the other half".

That was around the turn of the century. The modern era dispenses with the cash payment.
Anaxagoras - 2015-07-02
"I'm not downplaying the people killed in the church. At all. But it has nothing to do with the flag." Umm... that's.... downplaying. I....

These people don't have functioning brains, do they? Is it something in the Charleston water?
blue vein steel - 2015-07-02
This is actually Columbia, the capital, where i was born and currently live. It's a weird place, in that it's the most liberal part of SC, for what that is worth. The only large county in the state to consistently vote Democratic in both state and national elections, but, about 10 miles to the west is Lexington, which is statistically one of the most Republican areas in the entire country, which is where i believe these pro CSA flag idiots are from.

blue vein steel - 2015-07-02
and not just because "fuck Lexington" (which is a thing), but because i think this is the end result of a convoy of flag supporters that started out there

infinite zest - 2015-07-02
The best (worst) one I heard was "well they didn't ban Batman Dark Knight Rises after the kid shot up the movie theatre, maybe he just didn't like the Batman reboots" or something along those lines. I wish I could find the post, but that's pretty much the synopsis. :(

TeenerTot - 2015-07-03
"Just because nine people lost their lives..."

You fucking slimebag.
Cena_mark - 2015-07-03
MLP:FIM is into its fifth season. Longer than the CSA. Applejack>Jefferson Davis.

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