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Desc:The videogame viking visits an alternate universe where WWII drove a British city insane.
Category:Video Games, Humor
Tags:drugs, britain, indie games, King of Sweeden, Robbaz
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infinite zest
This game looks great! It's pretty much how I've been playing New Vegas. So far in the game I'm universally hated except for a couple with a two headed dog who live outside of the jurisdiction of the NCR or something. A more Burgessian take would be just fine with me.
infinite zest
But I'm convinced that nobody at Bethesda ever ate LSD or any psychedelics the way that it effects your avatar. However there's a real drug on the market called "confusium" which is a methoxededamine named I think after Finnegan's Wake so who knows.

The main issue I have with it is that it bills itself as a rouge-like, but really isomuch as the map is randomly designed within certain limitations, with permadeath. The early development builds seem to be based around hording resources in order to cross certain roadblocks which I don't like. In a game with permadeath and little permanence I don't want to be forced to repeatedly hunt around for enough medicinal herbs so I can make it through a gate. All the best RLs make resource gathering quick, a part of gameplay, and with little annoyance if you lose any particular character. You can always make another one and find something just as neat.

In this game there is no awesome loot, apart from quasirandomly finding a good melee weapon, you are mostly hording resources to build a key to go to the next place and horde more resources.

infinite zest
Permadeath? You mean my little sledgehammer guy is going to die some day? :(

I just play it on very easy with nothing but a sledgehammer for the most part. I got really into Red Dead Redemption's story and music so I played that for those elements, but New Vegas is just total fuckery for me like Daggerfall was.

Rogue-like is used way too freely in describing games. It seems to mean random maps and permanent death in its loosest definition.
When I read roguelike, I read random maps and highly unexpected, almost infinite variety in ways you can interact with objects in the game, as well as near infinite combinations of randomly generated items, along with a wide selection of possible starting configurations (classes/races).

The game Barony, recently out on Steam, reminds me of a real roguelike. In fact, they borrow a lot of the classic content from roguelikes (scrolls of VEZNER VUUL NISH, potions of fruit juice, spellbooks that paralyze you if they're cursed, stuff that sticks to you if its cursed). It's actually one of the first actual roguelikes I've played since the last actual roguelikes I've played: Tales of Maj'Eyal and Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.

There should be roguelikes, and rogue-ish-sorta-rogues.

infinite zest
Besides phone games for the last several years I've begun playing next gen games, like New Vegas which makes me super late to the table. And Black Flag was so linear that I almost wanted to return it but I didn't. Graphics were cool and I like the sort of Umberto Eco-esque story but New Vegas is just.. FUN! I don't really care about the story about how Occupy New Vegas happened or whatever, but let me listen to your story and thanks a bunch here's a hit from a popular song called sledgehammer. Not the Peter Gabriel Version either! You'll forget in 2 days.

infinite zest
But I'd like to see a game accurately describe a psychedelic experience like Terrence McKenna or Alex/Sasha Shulgin did. In case what's his name wants to rip me off Infinite Zest said this and did drugs for real yo.

You get to smash Audrey Hepburn in the face.
Hard to be happy when all the trashcans are daleks.
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