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Desc:No one can spot a briefly shown cock like a preacher.
Category:Classic Movies
Tags:Cocks, Disney, subliminal, The Vigilant Christian, (point to briefly shown schlong)
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Comment count is 14
This guy seems very excitable. I would show him stuff just to get him all wound up and then I'd take him to the Safeway and pretend he was just some guy that followed me in off the street.
infinite zest
Hehe, the loud preacher guy or the inside voices guy who takes over halfway through? I'm surprised nobody mentioned Disney's Gravity Falls, since that show plays with sublimation so much. Anything can look like a dick or a boob if you want it to, just ask Georgia O'Keefe but GF is pretty obvious.

If I were a Disney animator, I imagine the temptation to fill every scene with Satanic gestures and boners would be too much to bear.

In regards to the SEX/SFX controversy; has anyone here found any concrete sources on this? I've often heard the rumor - and not just from the comment-trolls on this video, but also Wikipedia and Snopes reports this (both sites are sadly unsourced) - that the Disney animation team admitted responsibility for the letters, yet stated that the letters were meant to be a homage to the film's "special effects team". If true, this story would seem to me to be most likely BS - the second letter (again, if indeed it is a letter) is clearly an 'E', not an 'F', and besides, why the hell would anyone want to write a boring word like "SFX" (particularly an animator on working on an animated film, where it is not clear what precisely might constitute a "special effect"), when the animators could instead spend their time writing the far more awesome word, "SEX"? The SFX story sounds an awful lot like a hasty excuse, made up on the spot by a group of red-faced brosefs who just got caught trying to pull a prank.

If the SFX story is NOT true - that is, if no animators have ever claimed responsibility and admitted the letters are real - then the letters are probably just a trick of the eyes. But if there is a credible Disney-affiliated source conceding that these letters exist, then my money's on SEX.
Maybe a "The Vigilant Christian" tag, Master Ashtar? Not sure how much of this was done by him, but the latter half is definitely his.

Also, he's totally right about Disney and their approach to sex (particularly nowadays). Disney is a filthy fucking company that makes bank by selling softcore titillation to unsuspecting Christian families... but that is where TVC and I part ways, because personally, I think that's great!

infinite zest
I've never heard of the SFX excuse. I just remember Disney editing out the stuff that looked like penise in later editions. And it makes sense; I'd imagine most folks who work on a Hentai movie jerk off to it, and if they turn out getting a job working on Sailor Moon, the sexuality is still there, just a lot more tension because they can't draw the scouts in the nude (or at least not on the clock, which is probably at least 8 hours out of the day.

Same goes for Disney animators. Even if they're not sexually frustrated, long hours with hot girls takes its toll. Pornpgraphers get busted for this all the time but it'd make sense to make your little come stain on the finished product, be it for mature adults or general audiences.

infinite zest
So I guess what I propose is a jerk off room at Disney and other animation studios, or any other place that produces a product that could be defaced. kind of like how airports and VAs have designated smoking areas. Just go in, do your shit and get back to work the way smokers do.


"The film's animators have stated that the letters spell "SFX" (a common abbreviation for "special effects"), not with an "E" instead of the "F", and were intended as an innocent "signature" created by the effects animation team."

Again, this story crops up all the time, but if there's an original source, I've never seen it. Even Wikipedia's "citation" leads, not to a credible primary document, but to a soft-news fluff piece that merely repeats the tale as hearsay.

I remember this kind of thing cropping up once during my time in animation. Not putting satanic symbols in the shows (never worked for Disney) but someone complaining we were putting in hidden messages into some kids show or another. And you know, if we could get away with putting some little thing in the background, we would. Not because we're trying to corrupt kids, but because after months of drawing some turtle learning an important lesson about being honest, sticking a dead bird in the background helped us feel better.

That said, the sketches we did of the characters that never saw the light of day would probably have sent this guy screaming from the room.
Not trying to dox you, but do you have any of these sketches? I always love seeing non-sanctioned artwork by professional animators. Some animes released that stuff from time to time (Cutey Honey and Project A-Ko spring to mind) but it's a rare treat!

... it wasn't "Franklin", was it? My baby sisters used to watch that show; it was awful.

I may have a few buried somewhere amongst the boxes in my garage. The really nasty stuff tended to be destroyed soon after it was made. Everyone could get a good chuckle out of some cutsey character swearing in a sketch, but when a bunch of the guys started having a competition to see how they could torture characters from the show... Well, everyone just kind of decided not to speak of it again.

This week's poetv challenge is to activate the "(point to briefly shown schlong)" tag.

I almost forgot that there are still people who live and exist in this day and age who think a natural bodily function is evil because back then the bible served as sort of a combination for a prevention of STDs and a motivator for married society.
He's watching cartoons all wrong.
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