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Desc:Goverment coersion! Free market! Quid pro quo!
Category:News & Politics
Tags:Freedom, Victoria Jackson, free market, word salad, buzzwords
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Comment count is 11
I maintain my suspicion that Victoria Jackson is actually a method comedian on the level of like Andy Kaufman, playing is all as fools until her final satiric breath.
infinite zest
I hope so too. I loved her thing on SNL where she kind of did a V effect move. She was the dumb blonde and now she's smart. But there's also Exene Cervenka, who might be more batshit crazy than Victoria. There goes what I thought about things.

yeah, at first i hoped she was just making fun of ray stevens or dennis miller, but she just kinda comes across as legit fucked up these days.

though i guess she at least has that kaufman-style "out" to use if she ever gets level-headed enough to appreciate it

It saddens me to realize that "Los Angeles" may well have been describing Exene herself.

infinite zest
Oh my god you're right!

The hospital lobby is a really boring place to wait. I don't think it could all fit in Bill Haslam's pocket, though. There's usually a bunch of people there.
You know, I could come up with liberals all day that sound like that.

Why, if you're interviewing someone, would you ever turn the camera on yourself?
Yeah, but those liberals probably aren't trying to take away people's access to a doctor.

You understood what this guy was saying?

Must be a human thing, people do that a lot with guns too.

Corporations are using the government to exert coercion and control - like governments have historically done and continue to do themselves. This is a new form of coercion that this guy doesn't have a name for yet. He's using old ideas to describe a new threat.

A million questions of accountability arise out of "free market" rhetoric and they don't really provide answers. "Voting with your dollars" is not a solution to our problems, at the very least.
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