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Desc:I couldn't stop thinking about cyclopses. :(
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Horror
Tags:stop motion, Claymation, cyclops, Gravity Falls, Horrible Claymation Infinity
Submitted:Rodents of Unusual Size
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Comment count is 9
Rodents of Unusual Size - 2015-07-10
Also Mabel and I have the exact same reaction to claymation. Her reaction to Zoos at the end of this episode, wherein he dressed up as something that I still find terrifying, thus making her clobber him, was hilarious to me.
Rodents of Unusual Size - 2015-07-10
But oddly, where claymation from the 60s and Will Vinton stuff terrifies me, I have always loved the stop motion animation of Ray Harryhausen.

fluffy - 2015-07-10
Ray Harryhausen hated claymation too. I think I've posted on here before about how I accidentally insulted him by calling his stuff "claymation" without realizing that there's a distinction. (RIP)

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2015-07-10
No kidding! That's actually kind of awesome. I feel a bond with him now!

infinite zest - 2015-07-11
:( makes sense this is on Disney.. make way for pixar you stupid clay things.. Will Vinton studios turned out getting fucked over by Nike a while back. Same guy wouldn't give any $ to my elementary school so that's why I don't buy the shoes. The DIY ethics of Phil Knight making a shoe in a waffle iron is contrary to his business ethics but Vinton was genuine. Now we bitch about CGI movies because that's what we've got. Shit CGI Disney bullshit.

Cena_mark - 2015-07-11
No need to hate on computer animation. It aids cartoonists in producing their are faster. Some may be crap, but some is good. Like how Flash makes garbage like Johnny Test, but also makes great things like MLP.

duck&cover - 2015-07-10
Black magic may seem a quick and easy shortcut, but it always turns out badly.
Caminante Nocturno - 2015-07-10
This episode is loosely based on how Primal Rage was made.
Ugh - 2015-07-10
"where's the heart"

i asked myself the same when blue suede goo passed, he just couldnt live in a world with ballz 3D
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