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Category:Cartoons & Animation
Tags:nina paley, embroidermation, theo gray, chad gadya
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Comment count is 16
This is so neat. I'm pretty good a t knitting, a bit less good at crochet. I think stinking at embroidery would really round me out.
What is this hipster bullshit. I don't understand all these hipsters. Palestine.
Also that matzoh looks a whole lot better than the crap I've had to eat.

infinite zest
Hey man, we try to be productive members of your society with our crocheting and our home made fudge for the blind..

You know, it always brightens up my week when I see you, days later, still throwing a hissy fit over some comment I made to you.

I live to improve your life SolRo, you don't understand that yet.

Miss Henson's 6th grade class
This made me really happy. A great find.
I really hope this was actually hand embroidered, not like that stoner metal video a few years back that was kind of cool looking but not that impressive since it was made with a computer controlled embroidery machine, so it was really just a matter of batch converting video frames into paths for the machine and then letting it do its job.
Oh wait, I didn't notice this was Nina Paley. Nina Paley is always 5 stars. She could fart in a jar and it would be worth 5 stars.

Actually, anyone farting in a jar would be worth 5, so bad example.

infinite zest
Heh.. my dad used to be a summer camp counselor and every year someone would fart in a bottle and seal it back up so a year later some counselor would come find and open it.

When I was 14 or so I worked for a while at a health food store, and there was one guy who stored every fart he farted at work in a pickle jar. He kept that fart jar active for most of a year.

Fake. Those aren't real animals.
Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
So deer beats God?
I think it's meant to be a feminine aspect of Cernunnos, representing the eventual triumph of a resurgent paganism over monotheism.

Predictive Embrogramming

One goat. One goat.
The circle of embroidered life.
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