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Desc:Anti-child molestation video hosted by a beloved Australian entertainer who recently...
Category:Educational, Horror
Tags:touching, irony, body, hypocrite, rolf harris
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infinite zest
Holy shit Dailymotion, put some sort of gap between your ads and your videos.. that was a No feeling for sure. But I suddenly have the urge to buy an RV..
I've got adblock so I don't know what the ad is, but I'm just going to assume it's for Tom Raper.


wtf japan
How exactly does one get cast as a pedophile in one of these things? Is there an audition involved? Does your agent set it up for you?

So many questions...
infinite zest
Yeah seems like a weird thing to have on your resume if you want to pursue an acting career. "So I see here you played pedophile #2 in Kids Can Say No what exactly makes you think that you would fit the part of Oedipus Rex at Summerstock?"

I dunno, I'm in several episodes of Portlandia, though I don't watch the show. I was just doing it to earn some extra bucks on my days off, but my last part was something like Convict #3.

The Mothership
Clips or it didn't happen, IZ.

Were you convicted of pedophilia?

infinite zest
aw dangit, that'd mean I'd have to watch the fucking thing. I think it was the season 4 finale. It's just a walk-on where I'm picking up trash in Westmoreland Park in an orange jumpsuit. The funny thing was that people were still going right down McLaughlin and saw me, two other guys, one of whom I think was an ex-con and Fred and Carrie just standing around in orange jumpsuits and you couldn't really see the camera crew from the road. I was surprised that nobody called the cops.

I'm also kind of visible in the line in the episode about Brunch, at least I knew the context there. And a few others; I'm always just a face in the crowd. But I dunno. In the meantime my M&Ms commercial is still up! In both cases I was pretty fucked up and they had me do the same "scene" at least 5 times. I wasn't meant for the pictures.

infinite zest
But I didn't touch no kidz yo.

Which M&M's commercial is that?

"santa fainting take 4"

*beard flies up after impact


"Who owns your body?"

"It's MY body!"

Fucking sovereign citizens. No wonder Australia is so crap.
Oh man is this creepy in retrospect.
Boomer The Dog
There was a Rolf Harris cut-up remix competition that came out with some pretty cool stuff a short time ago, and you can find the results on audio sharing sites by entering his name.
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