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Desc:with Pluto murderer Neil DeGrasse Tyson
Category:Science & Technology, Humor
Tags:stephen colbert, pluto, Neil deGrasse Tyson, The Late Show, New Horizons
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Comment count is 18
To be fair, Tyson did not murder Pluto. It was a wider decision that involved other people. As Tyson has put it, "he did not actively participate in the crime, but he drove the getaway car."
Next you're gonna tell me that Al Gore didn't invent the Internet.

These two need to have their own Odd Couple sitcom style tv show. Have at possible names below:
infinite zest
I Think I Can Beat Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Planetish..

Albuquerque Halsey
Le Reddit Upboat Meme Bacon: The Memeening

Stephen Universe.


It's like he's talking to a child.
infinite zest
Oh yeah I forgot he's taking over The Late Show. Judging by his channel he's still staying in character. I wonder how the American public at large will react. I'm a little too young to remember the "edgy" David Letterman, and mostly remember it as the show my grandma liked to watch if I was visiting and we were having one of their "let's stay up late" nights (it helped that everything comes on an hour earlier in Central time).

Everything else her and her "boyfriend" watched was Fox News. Granted it was a little bit easier to swallow in 2002, but still. Don't get me wrong I loved my grandma but Letterman was neutral for that kind of crowd, as was Carson, and Leno. I'm not sure if a subversive persona will go along well with a bunch of people who still don't know who he is, but we shall see..
infinite zest
Or, let's face it, anyone with cable, netflix, a social life at that time of night..

Neil deGrasse Tyson is taking over The Late Show?

They didn't pick Colbert to appeal to the Late Show's current audience, they picked him to try to get younger people to watch it. They're hoping fans of the Colbert Report will stick with him.
My parents love Letterman. I don't think they know what they're gonna do yet. I'm pretty sure I'll pass on it. I like Colbert, but I liked him for his fake news persona.

I saw the high res image today of a section of Pluto. Sweet! It has a strange absence of craters, which means the wackoids at phys.org will be screaming about electromagnetic universe theory and how the dark matter global warming scam hoaxers are eating their Jesus money.

God bless Pluto, and the people who shot a camera at it. I've wanted to see it this clearly my whole life, no joke.

Now I want a Klondike bar.
So is Pluto like some of Jupiter's/Saturn's icy moons?

Could be an ocean down there somewhere.

Hell, if there is, maybe we're the weird ultra-rare life forms in the universe, and everything else evolves in an ultra high pressure, sub glacial, deep sea habitat.

In Mass Effect Pluto, we're the weird money-obsessed life forms that have to move around in anti-pressure suits.

They would know us as the machine probes that invade their space and take apart their molecular structures with light beams.

they may have stuff we can take or maybe they just look funny when they die

NdT is a geocentrist? (5:57)
Why not? Words like "orbiting" and "center" are mathematical constructs meant to facilitate calculations; they are simply methods of describing spatial relationships, and have no inherent "meaning" outside of that.

Sure, for most people and in most cases, we'd want to favor the simplest, most elegant mathematical model - which as far as modern science is concerned, happens to be the Copernican model. But if NdT can produce a formula that accurately describes Jupiter's movements in relation to the Earth, and he wishes to say that, for his purposes here, Jupiter "orbits" the Earth, then who are we to tell him otherwise?

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