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Category:Stunts, Horror
Tags:alcoholism, Grateful Dead, oogles, cultism, GDF
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Comment count is 13
That guy
literally every person on this
The kind of people who would go to a Dead show 20 years after Jerry Garcia died (or, let's be realistic, the kind who would g to a Dead show during the last 10-15 years of his life).

People like this are directly responsible for me not realizing that the Grateful Dead were, for a period of time before I was born, a really good band (and quite probably the first DIY punks). I didn't actually get past the fan base until my late 20s.

Did you just use the words grateful dead and punk in the same sentence

I don't find this at all confusing. It's pretty much exactly what I expected at a Grateful Dead concert.

However, where in the world did this unnecessarily mean black lady come from? She doesn't fit in here at all.
That guy
....which is exactly why she fits, are you kidding me?

She fits right in

Every single thing about this video reminded me of this:

What a long strange trip it's been.
Monkey Napoleon
Not that this isn't terrible, but all the drama and people shouting claiming they were spit on and had their asses grabbed are all plants whose job it is to attract attention to the guys in old makeup while they do their acts.
I guarantee you the street kids are not

this isn't even outside the concert - this is at belmont and sheffield, that's quite aways from soldier field
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