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Desc:Red Letter Media talks about the upcoming Marvel, DC, and Star Wars financial plan.
Category:Business, Humor
Tags:Star Wars, batman, Marvel, red letter media, gouge your fucking eyes out
Submitted:Spit Spingola
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Comment count is 11
I will only watch a new Star Wars movie if Adam Sandler is in it. I'll watch it twice if it also stars Kevin James.
infinite zest
Somebody should make a movie starring Andy Samberg and Adam Sandler. They could save money by just overlapping the titles.

I haven't even seen the prequels. Well, I saw the first one when it came out and we were all horrified.

And I saw the first half hour of the second one at a sorority house in Pennsylvania a few years ago but I fell asleep halfway through the stupid flying car chase part, not even the cacaphony of drunken sorority girls could keep me conscious through that mess.

I remember one of them saying the second prequel was the best one and the old Star Wars movies were so boring she couldn't sit through them.

Kids these days I tell you!

Anyhow, this video reminds me of the Harvey Pekar comic about Toby going to see Revenge of the Nerds.

I want these new movies to ruin the careers of everyone in them and bankrupt Disney. I hope one day Episodes I-III are held up high as the gift horse fans dared look in the mouth and suffered for it.

The Mothership
Jesus, is what they say true?

Also stars for Bat-Fat Man.
I lost it at the picture of Ben Affleck mid-burger bite.
Caminante Nocturno
Man, I sure am glad I'm an anime fan, because anime fans don't have to deal with shit like this.

Caminante Nocturno
See, it would have been better if you'd brought up Attack on Titan instead.

As much as I like the series in general, Gundam also fits the mold.

Lots of good series, but it has its fair share of shitty, money grubbing spinoffs.

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