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Desc:Or: Mexican hyper-rich kid gets bad pec-job, then buys KO victories
Category:Sports, Humor
Tags:boxing, Dive, plastic surgery, embarassment, the insufferable rich
Submitted:Killer Joe
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Comment count is 17
Killer Joe
He's also a politician of national-embarrassment quality:
http://theboxingtribune.com/2015/07/freak-show-ala-mexicana-ma gnos-monday-rant/
The Mothership
My goodness, what a brutal beating.
What's wrong with his everything
He looks like a character from the story of Ricky Oh.


Love & Vomit
He's one waist cinching away from becoming a He-Man action figure.
2:11 geez if you're going to throw the fight, at least TRY to make it look good
Well the other guy did leave himself wide open throwing those vicious arm taps.

What is with the boob-job though? Hilarious.
I love how the commentators don't even try and pretend this is real and even go out of their way to explain they didn't have anything to do with airing this. Not even trying to be diplomatic or to hide the contempt.
Oscar Wildcat
No doubt he got through law school the same way he's getting through this fight.
By punching people smaller and poorer than him?

I can't wait for promoters to finally break the silence and reveal their dark secret: that boxing's been worked all along. Joe Lewis? Fake. Muhammed Ali? Fake. Mike Tyson? Actually a nice guy; his in-ring heel persona was just a gimmick Vince McBoxing gave him early in his career.

Boxing fans will be mad at first, but little kids will start watching it, and then in another ten years time, boxing will finally get watchable thanks to its first true Attitude Era - all tits and swearing and Hell-in-a-Boxing-Cell matches.

It will be awesome.
The noodle legs, the belt pulled halfway up his ribcage, the self satisfied look on his face, everything...
Unmerciful Crushing Force
As a Mexican-American, this is a fucking embarrassment on all fronts. I've only finally got into the fight game but it's taken quite seriously in the country so for these knuckleheads do this watery stool of a fight makes me rather angry.

Let's watch Ukraine's Vitali Klitschko to see a politician actually earn his cookie. https://youtu.be/TXIOaTi8lt8
I'm pretty sure Samson the Silver Mask Man could beat up Jorge Underboob here.
Looks like he got shoulder implants, too.

Also, it's fucking weird that they switch between English and Spanish mid sentence.
Billy the Poet
Look up what he looks like now. His shit is falling the fuck apart.
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