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Desc:That lady's got skills.
Category:Sports, Arts
Tags:baseball, foul ball, nice catch
Submitted:Crab Mentality
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Backhanded, like a boss.
It cuts the conversation off at the end but this is how it goes:

"--Well I mean she is a woman."
"Yeah that's true. Probably the first time. Say Ned, have you noticed how fucking racist the Cleveland Indians logo is? Every time there's a Red Indian wipe across the screen I kind of jump back a little, like, fuck, that's fucked up. You know?"
"Well I--"
infinite zest
Yeah really. I don't follow baseball enough to really care, but that actually seems a lot worse than the Redskins, so now I do care. I mean, you can break this down in a million ways: the only baseball games I ever went to as a kid was the Portland Beavers, but I went to a few Brewers games when I was living Milwaukee and they do this "sausage race" thing: it's pretty standard: each sausage represents cultural heritage of that country but in a very stereotypical way: German Bratwurst wears Leiderhosen, American Style Hot Dog is all-american, Chorizo is wearing a goddamn sombrero, it goes on like this.

And there's nothing wrong with a Mexican icon wearing a sombrero any more than a Kosher Dog wearing a Kippah, setting a double standard like that is not cool. Not with Infinite Zest!

The last time I went to a baseball game, a foul ball ended up hitting a spectator right in the face at a rather high velocity.

I'm glad this one worked out a lot better.
Baseball : unashamedly endorsing natural selection.

Killer Joe
At a game with a fancy, rich guy seating area for the wildly overpriced restaurant, some rich fuck was dicking around with his phone when a foul ball smashed into the wall a foot away from him.
He put his phone the fuck down.

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