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Desc:Drunk guys talk over the Kiss TV movie, Sometimes hilarious, always bizarre.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:Kiss, glam rock, Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, terrible movie times infinity
Submitted:John Holmes Motherfucker
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Comment count is 9
My buddies in college introduced me to this work of art on a late night drinking binge. One was a huge KISS fan, obviously and the other went on to design Disney theme park rides. I think I spit more beer than I actually drank while watching this.
infinite zest
What happened to the KISS fan? Did he enlist in the KISS Army?

My story's about the same; I lived in a place for years with a KISS Pinball machine, and I was always in love with the Replacement's Black Diamond. At some point I put the two together and realized that wasn't a Replacements song. I don't care what anybody says but Destroyer is one of the best albums ever made.

As for this movie, I never made it through, even though I bought it on VHS. I usually had to be drunk or high enough to watch some of my movies that I pass out in the first ten minutes. I haven't watched this but five stars in advance because that VHS is probably in a landfill somewhere now.

He has a small family in Jersey and works as a quality engineer for a surgical equipment company.

Yeah I was also very pleased to see this come up as I thought all media around this went into the magnetic strip dust pile. Destroyer got a lot of play time in college. I just about had a heart attack when I found out my aunt attended Paul Stanley's first wedding. I don't even remember why she got invited as it seemed she didn't realize who Paul and the rest of the band was without makeup.

infinite zest
Woah that's awesome. I used to work with a guy who knew Blue Oyster Cult and they'll play your party for 1,000 even if you mention the guy's name, and there's a Violent Femmes song named after the movie theatre I used to work at, but that's about it. The only wedding I went to was my sister in law's and my own and they were BORING! I'm fucking jealous dude.

infinite zest
I guess I was in a band with somebody from Brian Jonestown Massacre, the shit show that it whole thing is, but that's still not as cool as going to Paul Stanley's wedding.

John Holmes Motherfucker
I was a fan back in the day, and I still maintain that, around the time of "Alive",. Kiss was a solid, respectable live band, musically. But eventually that was all swallowed up by the crazy merchandising, songwriting that devolved into a tedious reliance on phallic imagery, ( "Love Gun", "Rocket Ride", "Plaster Caster", "Larger than Life", etc etc etc etc) , unfortunate experiments with disco and a terrible concept album... plus this piece of shit TV movie.

For better or for worse, the guys talking over the soundtrack obscure the overwhelming horribleness of KISS MEETS THE PHANTOM OF THE PARK. To get the full flavor, you need to hear Kiss read their lines. Gene Simmons at least seems to be having fun, but as actors, the boys are underwhelming at best. I found a torrent after i submitted this, I might upload an excerpt so you can marvel its mighty awfulness.

Joseph Barbera was executive producer, so when one of the guys suggests that the script may be an old leftover Scooby Doo, it may not be a joke.
That guy
honestly, between you and needtodestroy, we have a self-starring epidemic going on around here

John Holmes Motherfucker
What the fuck?

Am I a member of Kiss? No. Am I Joseph Barbera? No. Am I one of the guys talking on the sound track? No? Sometimes I submit my own videos, or other people submit my own videos, and then I generally don't star them, because to do so would seem pretty gauche.

As for starring my own submissions, I've been doing that for almost a decade, and only recently did people even notice. If you've got a problem with that, I hope you know whose problem it is.

I first saw this on TV in the 70s when I was a kid.
I tuned in on the pool party bit (44:00) and it was just so weird, even though I knew who Kiss was, that i was hooked.
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