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Desc:No...no...no no NO NO NOOO AAAAAHH OH GOD
Category:Pets & Animals, Horror
Tags:Duck, highway, ducklings, induced sphincter clenching, 2nd hand heart attack
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Comment count is 18
This is like 10 years old, surely it's on here already, right?
it's badly titled and dead.

infinite zest
Well it's new to me! I like how many of these drivers would've potentially sacrificed their own lives for these guys. Gives me some faith in our species.

The date stamp on the video is July 22, 2015.

"In lighter news; Today motorists swerving to avoid some ducks caused a 38 car pileup. 8 people dead, 42 injured, 14 critically. And the duckies made it safely across!"

"It FOWLED traffic for 6 hours! ah ha!"

infinite zest
Oh yeah, didn't catch that timestamp. I see this quite a bit actually, but unfortunately it's usually with a less happy outcome. And that is exactly what happens when you try to have it both ways, making your community a nice happy wildlife habitat but building it up and increasing car traffic at the same time.

infinite zest
Its just the risk to the person, human, is greater than the ducks, Nielson said. No one wants to hit the ducks, and I get that, but weve all driven on a freeway and were never thinking, will I need to stop ahead?

Fuck you Minnesota!


Needs "induced sphincter clenching" tag.
Cuts off before they start hopping onto alligators' heads.

Binro the Heretic
I had someone hit a duck right next to my car going the opposite way once. It exploded all over my windshield. I could have died. Never hit a duck, they're like IEDs.
Having experienced both, I choose ducks.

Robin Kestrel
Goddamn stupid ducks.
infinite zest
That sounds like something a Robin would say..

or a Kestrel.

why aren't they called bug dogs?
Off they go to start a hockey team in Anaheim.
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