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Desc:And then her head almost explodes!
Category:Religious, News & Politics
Tags:satanism, satan, Oklahoma, Megyn Kelly, youtube recommends
Submitted:Rodents of Unusual Size
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Comment count is 16
He could be arguing for Festivus and she'd have less issues... oh my god let's please talk to someone else.
I've never met anyone with an alternative name spelling who wasn't an asshole.
I've been meaning to bring this up, but my name's actually spelled Zeene O'Cide. It comes from my 1/79th Apache/Irish ancestry. If you don't spell it that way you're racist.

Spaceman Africa
that guy looks exactly like how you'd expect a satanist to look
Wait, he says Baphomet goes back to the 19th century? I thought Baphomet imagery dated back to at least the early 14th century and the fall of the Knights Templars. What is going on here?

Was Baphomet a Victorian fabrication? Is Mr Greaves in error? If there are any resident experts on Satanism and the occult here, could you please weigh in?
Also, I really hope that the point about state's rights {2:15} sinks in for the people watching this on Youtube. Mr Greaves could have made it without the smuggery and sophistry, but it's a fair one nonetheless.

I assume he's talking about the specific illustration their statue was based on, which is 19th century.

Also Wikipedia says the modern English use of the term is from the 19th century.

I like to believe that Randy Brogdon's feed from the studio isn't delayed and, in fact, it just takes him that long to process and respond to speech.
Oh god. She argues with the Satanist that the Oklaholma and the Federal Constitutions are pretty much the same, then Mr. Jesus shows up right afterward and immediately starts talking about how Oklaholma's constitution totally lets them do this because it's different than the Federal constitution.

(Then she keeps trying to wedge her wrong point into rightness)

I love it.
Rodents of Unusual Size
I think he's hot as hell.
I wonder what his username is on here.

Ahahaha of course, her hand-picked yes man shows up after to take the edge off.
All these stars are for how agitated she got that he wasn't a complete nut who didn't know anything.

is it just me or did she not switch away from a picture of the devil when she started talking to the second guest

Those two were made for each other. They're two flavors of stupid that complement each other wonderfully.

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