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Desc:Fool, said I, you do not know. Silence, like a cancer, grows.
Category:Arts, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:slingshot, Simon and Garfunkel, staring contest, amusement park rides, The Abyss Stares Into You
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Comment count is 19
I won by 1:25, he blinked.
someone wake up Hicks

A vision, softly creeping.
That guy
Holy shit, stop self-starring.

infinite zest
Has anybody been on one of these? I'm afraid of rides but I ride chairlifts all the time and ski back down the hill pretty fast. Seems like it's more like that?
yes i have been on one many times, it is one of my favorite things. it feels like falling into the sky, so be sure to do it on a starry evening.

Rodents of Unusual Size
Wait, so how do you get the camera to not fall off?
it's attached to the ride and you buy the video at a kiosk afterwards. Come on, man

someone else holds it, duh!

This is art.
It really is. There's some deep profound statement about the human condition being made here.

or drugs. lots and lots of drugs.

Didn't say nothin bout no profound nuthin. But it's art.
Let's have an internet debate about what art means ok go

Art is the mark that is made, often in the mind.

That' the look of a man whose mind is completely focused on keeping his dinner in.

Robin Kestrel
I agree, it is Art. Art Garfunkel and Paul Simon.

A man after my own heart. Too bad he's asian.
Dude rides the sling shot
Epictetus looks through time
One day the world ends
Prickly Pete
We're looking down on Wayne's basement
Only that's not Wayne's basement
Isn't that weird?

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