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Desc:Worst party clowns possible.
Category:Crime, Crime
Tags:bigots, racists, confederate caliphate, valid drone targets
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Comment count is 12
Rodents of Unusual Size
Noooooooo, it's down! Much like the South's pride!
God fucking dammit.

I submitted a new link.

Though it's looking like original link will always be the broke dick one, so here for everyone.


Galactic levels of impotence such as this should be seen by all.

Rodents of Unusual Size
Wow, that was even worse than I imagined.

A lot of my favorite websites are being spammed by outsiders who just want to talk about the stupid Confederate flag and bitch and moan about it. I swear to everything holy that if these people spend THIS much fucking time complaining about something ACTUALLY important, we'd all have free education and health care right now.

Fuck your flag, the only place it belongs is a urinal cake.

These southern yahoos couldn't even conquer a child's birthday party.
But, it's their right to remember, commemorate and celebrate this defeat for decades to come.

That guy
the fuck
Binro the Heretic
According to the assholes, they were innocently selling flags and just happened to be driving by a group of black people when the black people took offense to their proud heritage (and the giant confederate flags they were flying) and threw things a their trucks.

They would have just driven away, but one of them got a flat tire, so they all had to pull over and wait for it to be fixed in front of the gathered black people, who misinterpreted their innocent shouts of "We're gonna kill ya'll n***ers!" and became hostile, not realizing that "n***ers" is just their word for "flat tire."

So you see, it's all the black people's fault, at least according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

http://www.ajc.com/news/news/local/watch-heated-confrontation- over-confederate-flags-/nm7JH/
Then after that, they stopped at a truck stop to get something to eat, only they mistook the men's room for the dining room, and as they were trying to place their orders they accidentally put their mouths against the glory hole and began fellating anonymous truckers. Once again, it's all the black people's fault.

Dammit I thought that said DUCK enthusiasts.
Sanest Man Alive
The silent opening makes me think of aliens arriving on earth, with the camera operator slowly emerging from hiding to get a better view of the strange craft.

Close Encounters of the Turd Kind.
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