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Desc:Ice & Nukes don't mix.
Category:Military, Science & Technology
Tags:Nuclear Reactor, Greenland, Project Iceworm, Camp Century, Camp Fistclench
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Meerkat - 2015-08-01
Then, tragedy struck. It seemed like a small thing at first, Sgt. Clift ordering Pvt. Sporkell to run the tunnels for picking his nose. But Sporkell's subsequent short-sheeting of the Sgt. let to an escalating spiral of death and destruction that would quickly embroil the base in internal strife and eventually, partisan trench warfare that would see all of them dead or wounded.

Investigators discovered the source of the base's silence only after Mukluk had finished off the last surviving member of the team.
duck&cover - 2015-08-01
Ice Station Impossible.
Aress - 2015-08-01
Wikipedia states that this was a cover up project attempting to install missiles that could reach the Soviet Union, but that they didn't compensate for the fact that ice stretches slowly over time. The camp was abandoned and shut down in 1966 because of this. Still pretty neat.
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