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Category:Video Games, Fashion
Tags:teeth, uncanny valley, shenmue, sailors
Submitted:Crab Mentality
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Comment count is 14
Needs 'sailors' tag
infinite zest
You won't BELIEVE the shocking results.
Sexy Duck Cop
Orthodonists HATE him and his Weird Tricks!

Killer Joe

Conrad Pooh's is one hell of a performer.

Maybe he's like the Alien.
infinite zest
Why'd he always wear the band-aid? I have a scar in the same area and I stopped covering it up as soon as the bleeding stopped and I knew it wasn't infected. It'd be pretty emo for me to always wear it.. "ooh baby what happened to YOU?" "I'm.. do you know anything about sailors.."
Sexy Duck Cop
One of my friends was stab in the face by Khron Gracie and has a huge scar to show for it.

infinite zest
Really? I had to look up the name but I also got mine from an MMA fighter no shit.

to call khron an mma fighter is a bit premature but i'll let this one slide.

infinite zest
That was the first thing to come up, I dunno MMA from mmyass.

Jack Dalton
The last thing my wife said to me the other night-- "YOU SPENT 0 ON THE SHENMUE KICKSTARTER?"

She should be a commenter on PoE :'(
infinite zest
Yeah! It's a sausage fest in here, no offense to those with sausages or festival goers of course.

all the good female members are either dead or in jail

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