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Desc:this is all pretty amazing
Tags:cyndi lauper, Roddy Piper
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Comment count is 5
It's the HTTPS that gets you. Unfortunately, it's not letting me resubmit it again without the S.
I tried voting the resub down. Maybe a few more resub down votes and we can resub the resub sans S in https

Resubmit's broken due to the time offset, which poetv still doesn't support. But clicking "original" works.

Oh wow, I put it off because I thought it was going to be some kind of mashup.

This is him and Cyndi doing an Andy Kaufman, I assume.

i've gotten things through with https before. i think this whole ship is getting buggy again.

for instance, i got this notification:


and i don't see your comment? it's the beginning of the ending of the ending of the ending of the end!

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