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Desc:From Brian Harrod's front page.
Category:Classic Movies, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:Blood Debts, Mark Collins, internet diplomatic immunity
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Comment count is 13
That doesn't look like Messiah Marcolin to me.
That guy
"Hey, remember the days when debts were paid in full.....
one way or another???"

#80smovies #hoodie #jumpingjeans #lawncareinthenortheast
infinite zest
Hey it's that guy!! No, not That guy, that guy from Ninja Terminator! The Blood Debts I remember just ended with them playing golf though and I don't remember this scene at all?

Jet Bin Fever
Richard Harrison yes

infinite zest
Yeah. But the one I have just kind of ends, and they're just playing golf and this scene never happened. I figured it out though. It's actually called Eliminator and this scene's totally in there. I think my folly was searching for a Godfrey Ho movie when in fact it was Teddy Page who directed this gem.

infinite zest
And that's all because I didn't read JBF's post from a couple years ago! I was in a dark dark place back then, man..

Jet Bin Fever
Semi-dupe of mine! But that's okay, I love you.
Are you accusing Brian Harrod of duplicating poeTV content?

infinite zest
What if we're all duplicates of Brian Harrod and none of this is real?

You guys...

Two Jar Slave
How can a man being blown to pieces by a tiny derringer rocket be real if your eyes aren't real?

Christ, he steals from us _and Fark_?

One of the best Best of the Worsts!

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