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Desc:Can't believe these aren't here. Competent video game analysis from a calm, well-spoken person.
Category:Video Games, Educational
Tags:, unreal, Errant Signal
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Old_Zircon - 2015-08-11
After clicking through some related videos I've come to the conclusion that a lot of people read way too much into Hotline Miami.
Old_Zircon - 2015-08-11
Anyway, this guy's stuff is pretty good but PoE-worthy?

Still, stars for his Doom review, in which he manages to call Motorhead and Iron Maiden "death metal" AND call (80s) Metallica and Iron Maiden "hard rock" IN THE SAME SENTENCE.

Old_Zircon - 2015-08-11
This one is definitely good:


Although it's kind of depressing that people aren't taught how to think critically this way by 10th grade.

infinite zest - 2015-08-11
Unreal's intro will always remind me of lifeguarding in high school. I basically worked a lot so I could get a better video card and play my friend's copy of Unreal, entirely for the intro. I don't remember the rest of the game. So, nostalgia stars from me.

infinite zest - 2015-08-11
Speaking of Hotline Miami, I still haven't played it, but it just looks like the stages you wished you could skip in Contra. The soundtrack is killer, but 8-16-bit nostalgia is getting kind of old, for me anyway.

StanleyPain - 2015-08-11
I can't remember, is Hotline Miami a Vlambeer game? Cuz if it is, there's a lot of recent things they've done that are way better than that game. (most notably, for me anyway, Ridiculous Fishing and Nuclear Throne)

Meerkat - 2015-08-11
Any time I smell incense I remember Unreal because I was burning incense when I first played it.

infinite zest - 2015-08-11
Doesn't look like it.. one of my favorite distraction games recently has been A Small Hunt Duck Attack. It's basically a 360 version of Duck Hunt and would be really fun in a spinny office chair (which is what they recommend) when you're bored at work, which doesn't really work for my line of work, but I just play it standing up.

But I guess spinning around looking like you're texting might not be good in front of office employees or bosses though..

Scrimmjob - 2015-08-11
mosif - 2015-08-12
Shut up dude, listening to a fat guy drone on about a 17 year old computer game for five minutes and fifty five seconds has been the highlight of night

Scrimmjob - 2015-08-12
He's fat? Minus one star!

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