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Desc:'loosely based on G.I. Joe, set in a world where everyone has AIDS and sex has been outlawed'
Category:Arts, Horror
Tags:insanity, aids, GI Joe, justin fornal, impeach obama!
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http://lostmedia.wikia.com/wiki/Canzo_Empyrean_(2008_Undergrou nd_G.I._Joe_Film)

And the leaked 45 minutes can be seen here, if you dare;

infinite zest
The whole movie (or at least what there is now) is required watching. I mean what else are you going to do with your 45 minutes?

Not quite the GI Joe I grew up with.
infinite zest
The movie itself kind of forgets its a GI Joe movie at some point. It reminds me of some other art school films I've seen.. maybe this is going out on a limb but it kind of reminds me of Cremaster Cycle but less pretentious and more fun. God.. of all the first date movies you could think of IZ why oh why did you choose Cremaster? At least I got to see it in theatres though!

Remember when VHS tapes of Cremaster cost something like 00 for a two day rental and required proof that you were employed by a museum or university?

infinite zest
Yep! It was kind of a relief that the next movie we watched was just Big Trouble in Little China. I was really playing the part of a smartypants back then.

This is what happens when private school kids take too much acid for too long.
infinite zest
I remember freshman year of college we'd get high and call up pizza places and disguise our voices as Cobra Commander and Destro. Only really good idea I got on acid was this movie about astronauts that went to Mars but there were ghosts on mars that were already there and they haunted the astronauts. So I wrote out the whole synopsis and started on a screenplay then I found out there was a thing called John Carpenter's Ghosts Of Mars. I guess mine was Ghosts On Mars so it was probably different.. still never seen that movie..

It's not too bad of a movie as a Carpenter flick goes. Heck, it's got Ice Cube.

Acid is good for drawing but not so good for thinking.

I guess unless you're a programmer and are taking microdoses of it instead of coffee, which is pretty much how modern computing was born.

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