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Desc:Fat, impotent white man get's back at the bullies
Category:Military, Humor
Tags:knife, white people, man baby, Deadliest Warrior, kukri
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Comment count is 16
Like punching a foot or a boot full of meat
where is the fat guy?
he sounds fat, sorry

Sexy Duck Cop
oh come on. that skinny Filipino is every bit as insane. I mean, the dude did a spinning hook kick on a steak sandwich.
Is he Filipino? I would assume, given the context and given his accent, that he's Nepalese, but I could easily be wrong!

His kick was pretty entertaining, and I find it funny how the white guy gave our Gurkha friend shit for doing that, but then performed his own kick attack a few minutes later.

Sexy Duck Cop
whenever I see weird Indiana Jones knives I just automatically assume it's the Filipinos being Filipino.

Yeah, that makes sense! The Philippines is very well known for its indigenous knife and machete-based martial arts; some of these weapons even have blades that closely resemble the kukri. However, this *particular* knife is of Nepalese design; they gloss over the history in this clip, but the short of it is, kukris are the signature weapon of the British Empire's Brigade of Gurkhas, a group of early "special forces" units recruited in the mountains of Nepal. So I'd assume, just on that, that he's Nepalese. Also, his accent, to my ears, sounds like a mixture between Chinese and North Indian, which would correspond to Nepal.

Of course, he could also be a Filipino knife fighter brought in to showcase the kukri; I guess we will never know...!

Im aware that its spelt wrong but Im unwilling to change it

Jet Bin Fever
Incredibly awkward. The only thing that would've made it worse is some heavy breathing and crying afterwards.
i want to buy a drink for the editor responsible for :55
I want to ask that editor who his historical consultant is, and how he sleeps at night.


I was going to make a comment about how this show is pure pseudoscientific garbage, but I think that's an unnecessary observation at this point, seeing how they couldn't even go one minute without running headfirst into blatant lies and easily-researchable urban legends.

OH, and THEN they conduct a "cutting test" on a slab of unclothed, pole-braced cow meat! I suppose the producers are hoping that we'll be so impressed with their "three-dimensional orientation sensor" that we'll ignore the flaws in their experimental setup, but no, sorry Dorkiest Warrior, doesn't work like that.

Still, stars for them coming to the right conclusion for a change. England: 1 France: 0

Oh come ooooon!
Did he say for the first time in over 50 years that someone was making a khukri? They make hundreds a month, you can get a world war 2 style khukri from both Khukuri House and Himalayan Imports.
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