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Desc:Somehow, it's actually worse than you'd expect.
Category:Accidents & Explosions, Horror
Tags:horror, atheism, conservatives, half hour news hour, the david cronenberg of comedy
Submitted:Sexy Duck Cop
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infinite zest
Wow. It's weird because I stumbled upon an old Red Eye clip, which I think was on Fox News around the same time, and it's actually pretty good for a news talk show. But yeah, this is the David Cronenberg of Comedy, except Cronenberg is pretty funny compared to this.
Oh, I get it. God took away the third guys free will.
That was even worse than I expected.

That was worse than clown ministry.
Sexy Duck Cop
See the joke is that God rules by fear and threats of violent death.

It might be a failed joke about there being no foxhole atheists - yet there are plenty and I'm one of them.

ee starts belifin in God n it's funneh. Where's my sister?

You're right, it actually was worse than I expected. I'm amazed.
It's actually a pretty standard gag. The problem is in the delivery.

I wonder about how authentic this whole thing is. The people that laugh at cartoonish atheists can't all be going to church every week, praying every night, and donating 10% of their income, right? There's this whole hypocratic middle section of the fundie-atheist spectrum that seems to want the best of both worlds: belief in an eternal parent that forgives all their mistakes and shitty behaviour that provides eternal life and not having to put in any of the actual work that goes along with that belief.
Conservatives can't pull off a successful sketch comedy show because they are too mean-spirited. Every joke is spit in a bugaboo's eye instead of a gentle jab. The people who are laughing at this are just as angry. It goes beyond the sense of irony and exaggeration of a joke and straight into cathartic relief that their enemies are being putting into the stockades on screen.

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