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Desc:The outraged white people are hilarious. Make sure to hear the last judge's comment at the end.
Tags:tv, Slovakia, sikhism, racial purity
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Comment count is 11
What WERE the last judge's comments at the end? I didn't hear anything about racial purity - he says "We all will remember it as a mystical moment, but I would not love to see this as a fairground attraction. {garbled and untranscribed???} needs purity as it is" which to me sounds like he's simply looking for an act that's classier than circus-style stage magic.

Also, there's only one outraged white person - the female judge - and it seemed she was having a panic attack because of the violence. She wasn't "outraged" so much as she was "triggered".

It would be nice to be able to read some YT comments, however, because if I know my tiny Eastern European countries, this video would generate lots of hilarious racism.
Oscar Wildcat
It's pretty clear to me. He sez " I would not love to see this as a fairgrounds attraction, just stay in the purity that it is. I hope you understand..."

That's silly; this is designed for public gatherings. It's a great mix of coney island freak show acts and martial arts. What provincial rubes these judges...

For all we know this is some kind of traditional preparation for battle and that this guy was given the heads up before hand and really did try give mad respect to Sihk culture.

I don't know, I guess trying to make the final call on what's acceptable for another culture do, in the name of that protecting that culture, is pretty douchey. I suppose that's like white SJWs trying to ban the use of the word nigger because it makes them feel uncomfortable.

I think it comes down to this guy being floored by a performance and trying way too hard show his raging broner.

The Mothership
Stop pushing that button, you're only angering them!
Crab Mentality
Give those men the prize!
The saddest thing about my time in Czech was learning that my favorite culture was populated by a shit ton of provincial racists with horrible taste in music.

I guess that's part of ending the honeymoon period of any cultural fetish.
that was your favorite culture? holy jeez.

The Czechs have a very high genius to idiot ratio compared to most other cultures.

I never knew that, but speaking as an idiot, I am intrigued.

These guys were amazing, but they weren't halfheartedly lip-syncing to hideous eurodance songs so they get zero points!
I live in an area with a Sikh population second only to the Punjab in India. Polite old Sikh guys are the best humans on earth. This act was great, and the Czech response made me cry a little.
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