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Desc:I feel like a Burden of Dreams style doc should have been made about this.
Category:Religious, Pets & Animals
Tags:outtakes, gary busey, booger, Quigley, NOT klaus kinski
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Boomer The Dog
He becomes an angelic dear little Pomeranian Spitz Dog in this movie, so the Werewolf mystique is real.

I got this on DVD a long time ago, when it was new, and yet still low priced, and haven't watched it for a long time.

I wouldn't mind seeing a documentary about it either, especially to find out how they got the idea for a movie like this. All Dogs go to heaven.

Hey Boom, maybe I've asked you this before, but is there any breed of dog you don't like?

I love all dogs, but Cocker Spaniels? They are the wood-paneled PT Cruiser of dogkind, and should fuck off to the nearest kill shelter.

Boomer The Dog
I probably could like every Dog, I haven't met all breeds, but every type of Dog must be right for someone or their job, since they exist, knowing that Humans helped create different breeds.

I don't know if I've met a real Cocker before, they aren't popular in this area now, I see more Springer Spaniels. I think they're cool, knowing Lady from Lady And The Tramp, but she's only a cartoon.

What breeds do you like?

I had an American Eskimo, Yoder, who looks so much like Quigley, just double size.


Every Cocker Spaniel I've been around is hopelessly dumb and needlessly aggressive, apparently due to inbreeding.

Funny you mention it, my lil' homie is an Eskimo-Chow mix.


Boomer The Dog
Interesting mix, with his wavy mane. Is his tongue blue-grey, or with spots on it like some Chow mixes?

Here's my Yoderspitz, he lived to 15.



His tongue is straight up purple. Ol' Yodes looks like a sweetheart. Was he super-cuddly?

Boomer The Dog
Oh yeah, Yoder was a big puffball and his fur was really thick, and he slept next to me every night on his back. When he got a bath, mom would say he looked like a drowned rat all wet, but then he'd shake and poof up again with several inches of fur all around.


"What do I do, now that I am Quigley?"
Needs "Booger" tag
infinite zest
Was this before or after he went down under?
Can we have a Busey week?
Every day of my life is Busey week.

This film looks amazing.
From what I've read, Busey doesn't get nearly enough screen time.

Probably not enough Booger either.

From the IMDB reviews.

>This is a really bad waste of your time. I would probably rather go watch some documentary than this;

Must really bad.

>it's really that bad.
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