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Desc:Live tests of people with claimed paranormal abilities, all vying for a 0,000 cash prize.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Science & Technology
Tags:80s, Uri Geller, james randi, Bill Bixby, Penn Jillette
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Comment count is 3
dr_mr_vandertramps - 2015-08-20
no randi tag? blasphemous!
chumbucket - 2015-08-20
I knew this video would be uploaded.

Also, the rest of Bill Bixby's career.
EvilHomer - 2015-08-21
It's good, but the debunkers could have done more debunking. For example, James Randi levitates a chick at the beginning. He *says* it's a trick, but doesn't actually demonstrate *how* the trick was performed; as a lay person watching this on TV, how do I know that Mr Randi's not just lying about his lack of psychic powers? Perhaps he doesn't want to lose his 0,000 bet, or get burned at the stake as a sorcerer?

Penn & Teller are true to skeptical form, as usual, and provide us with some quality information. But I was more than a little disappointed by how toothless Randi was; I'm thinking maybe the television editors purposefully chose to limit Randi's screentime, in the interest of journalistic "balance", or to make the show more tense and exciting.
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