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Desc:There's Chili's
Category:News & Politics
Tags:parking lot, crazy lady, stalkedinboston, male dominance, they e snow removal markers dummy
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Comment count is 14
EnochEmery - 2015-08-18
sasazuka - 2015-08-18
I retired from submitting gangstalking videos at least a year ago but I'm surprised I never submitted this one back in the day. I honestly thought I had.
StanleyPain - 2015-08-18
You might want to consider a "stalkedinboston" tag. This particular crazy lady has been on our radar for awhile. Frankly I'm amazed this woman is still alive.
sasazuka - 2015-08-18
I think she's doing a bit better compared to 2 years ago; she's getting at least out-patient mental help, it's just hard to tell such things from the videos she makes.

infinite zest - 2015-08-18
That's good. I check in every now and then because I want her to be better (at least this one's from 2013) and the last uploaded video was more than a year ago, so that's a good sign, but it's hard to know since the comments are disabled and everything.

I knew somebody who was acting kind of like this back in 2013, when her children finally decided to commit her; if it wasn't the cops being called it was going to an out-patient clinic, putting on a perfectly good act and it was right back to delusions that people were drilling holes in her ceiling or that Obama put her sexual organs in the dumpster, things like that. So I hope she's getting the care she needs and deserves, because she raised some fantastic kids and was obviously a great mother.

StanleyPain - 2015-08-18
One of her more current accounts is "pleasedon'tkillme"

StanleyPain - 2015-08-18
This is an example of the kind of thing she still posts several times a day, endlessly.

One of her newer things is how the temp. spraypaint on the street and sidewalks to show workers where pipes are is actually part of a secret code directing people to sexual harassment victims or something.

I cannot see how she is capable of functioning in any way in any rational environment.

jangbones - 2015-08-18
A few people have coughed at me at the Prudential Center
Copyright L. Kochman, August 18, 2015 @ 6:27 p.m.

I really hope she can get some meaningful help, her daily life must be very painful

Old_Zircon - 2015-08-19
I'm honestly surprised I never met her when I was working at record stores in Boston, she seems like a typical record store customer.

EnochEmery - 2015-08-18
Oh she's still posting up a storm. Her most recent youtube channel is called "please don't kill me".
I haven't seen much improvement. She's still homeless. She recently tried to enter a food service training program that the shelter she stays at runs which lasted exactly one day before she was thrown out for accusing most of the staff of "sexual harassment" by coughing at her. She's been in and out of various psychiatric facilities in the last year and the only thing to come of it is her copious notes of how she was horribly abused at them by the staff. Her delusions about celebrities and the "conglomerate" are, if anything, worse.
Anaxagoras - 2015-08-18
What's the name for a condition like hers? From what I've read, (not that I'm an expert) schizophrenia seems to be something different.

Also, can anyone describe how/if this woman is fundamentally different from "normal" people? I've been trying to understand the insane right wing in this country for awhile, and apparently using reason and logic to disprove a belief is often counterproductive for many people. (e.g. Showing conservative Christians clear data that people are born homosexual, rather than choosing to be that way, only makes the Christian shut down & adhere to their anti-gay beliefs even more.) How is that fundamentally different from the bizarre shit that this woman spews?

BTW... the previous paragraph isn't one big "Lol Republicans are dumb" joke. I'm honestly trying to figure out how her type of insanity is different from how people normally function.
EnochEmery - 2015-08-18
There's cognitive dissonance and then there's flat out psychosis.
Everyone experiences irrational thoughts. There are no absolutely rational people. Conservative Christians and others compartmentalize their (to us) irrational beliefs so that logic and rationality don't interfere with something they deeply want to believe in. Other than that, they go about their business and can function relatively normally in society. Lena here is a different story. Because of her illness she can't control her irrational beliefs. She's trapped in her world of paranoia, obsessiveness and fantastical thinking. Everything references back to her like the recursive world of an Escher print. She can't get out. Because of this she can't function very well in society and is in a great deal of distress, although she has no insight as to why.
There is a sliding scale here though. "Sovereign Citizens", hyper-religious extremists, conspiracy theorists all exhibit some behaviors that may put them in the end of the spectrum with Lena to varying degrees. It's a question of how self-destructive and anti-social they are that determines how we see them..
The brain is a strange place.

EnochEmery - 2015-08-18
I should add that, according to the hospital records she's posted on her blogs, she's been diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic numerous times since her first hospitalizations in her late teens when an onset of that disease usually manifests. She seems to have other personality disorders though that complicate things.

Anaxagoras - 2015-08-18
Huh. Thanks. That's very helpful. Particularly the bit about the spectrum.

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