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Desc:a montage
Tags:grass, Rick and Morty, wubalubadubdub
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Comment count is 24
Crazy good episode.
infinite zest
Yeah. I like how this show really nails a balance between bittersweet (or in last week's case downright heart-wrenching) and kind of zany. It was the same thing last season with Rick Potion #9 followed by the more goofy Channel 101 improv stuff. I was actually afraid to watch this one because I didn't want to feel that feeling two weeks in a row. This one wasn't irrelevant like the other example, but they know how to pace this really well.

May I suggest the tags:
- Lick My Balls"
- Aids"

It was good, but only the ending was great to this episode.
An impromptu survey around the house (me, Frau Bort, Speed Buggy, Steroid Addled Mr. Peanut, Saccho and Vanzetti in Space) comes up with five "like" votes and only one "dislike".

almost added but did not want to spoil the jokes


also, Mr. Poopybutthole has been funny in every episode this season

Kill everyone who voted "like". Those shit stains will ruin the planet.
meant for Bort :(

I'll have you know that both Ray Vecchios and the "Aristocrats"-Performing Cast Of "The Lion In Winter" thought that was pretty mean, but they took it in good cheer. I have to admit, I couldn't have asked for a better family.

That was mean and stupid. In hindsight it was a very bad attempt to emulate Rick in this episode. Please tell Ray Vecchio I'm sorry, and that I hope he finally got another green Riviera.

They both did, but they won't let any of the kids from Barney II: Cosmic Adventures ride in them. Which isn't a problem, the kids are cute as all hell on their astro-scooters. I never imagined things could be this good when they moved in all those years ago, around the same time as Cyborg Patrick Harris.

Spit Spingola
This is the best show.
Caminante Nocturno
I remember when everyone wouldn't stop saying that grass tastes bad because of this show. It was so annoying. I almost stopped watching because of it.
What is this?
Please tell me you've been watching "Rick and Morty". There's a season and some change to get caught up on.

"Rick and Morty" started off as a one-off cartoon by the guy who does the voice of Lemongrab, involving Doc Brown and Marty McFly and a whole lot of ball-licking. "Rick and Morty" is what you get when you add Dan Harmon of "Community" plus the ability to cut loose with animation and damaged characters. And, there isn't a moment towards the end of every episode where a non-diegetic low note plays and someone articulates how their actions are inconsistent with how much they care about one another.

>>...by the guy who does the voice of Lemongrab, ???
...and a whole lot of ball-licking. ???
...when you add Dan Harmon of "Community" ???

Yeah, I shouldn't even try.
Dammit supposed to reply to above

Big frowny face. R&M really is a good show. Please try this one?


It features the voice of Jemaine from "Flight of the Conchords" ...

I should also explain there's a lot of space travel and even more interdimensional travel, so expect lots of characters meeting alternate versions of themselves.

infinite zest
I second that. At first I didn't think I was going to like it; it just seemed like a more adult Calvin and Hobbes or something, with self-referential Simpsons humor about how they're about to get cancelled, etc.. but by episode 3 of the first season I was hooked.

Also I spent a lot of my time in college trying to figure out what Schrodinger's Cat was all about.. like, it made sense but only sort of. And a 21 minute episode of R&M explained it perfectly to me in about 5 minutes.

"Yeah, I shouldn't even try."

You mean ball licking? How else do you fix the time car?

But really, they Cronenberged an entire planet. Forget the ball licking, it isn't cannon.

"Also I spent a lot of my time in college trying to figure out what Schrodinger's Cat was all about.. like, it made sense but only sort of. And a 21 minute episode of R&M explained it perfectly to me in about 5 minutes."

I bet you didn't understand it as well as you think, because people generally have Schrödinger's Cat exactly backwards. Per quantum mechanics models, a particle can be in an indeterminate state until an observer measures the particle, then it resolves to one state or another. Which is fine, until you consider the ramifications. Suppose you have a cat in a box, next to a container of cyanide gas that is hooked up to a Geiger counter that will unleash the cyanide gas if a given radioactive mineral decays. We can say that the radioactive mineral is in an indeterminate state until it's observed, but then wouldn't that mean the cat is in an indeterminate state of being poisoned too? Schrödinger's point was, that is an ABSURD expectation, not that it is a SENSIBLE expectation, which is how people tend to take it.

When it comes to this sort of thing, only trust a licensed quantum mechanic.

infinite zest
So they oversimplified it? Anyway, it makes more sense than it did to me. Back in college I took a Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics class. I immediately knew I was in over my head because unlike most lectures, there were maybe 10 people there so I couldn't hide in my seat or anything, and the professor was this super badass Australian guy who sort of assumed everybody in his class were physics majors and not Philosophy majors like myself (hell, I got a C- in the "Physics For Artists" class which is basically the physics equivalent of "Daddy why is the sky blue?") But, I worked my ass off and wasn't about to quit, even though he advised me that I should, and turned out getting a B!

As for the Lick My Balls thing, that's actually "Doc and Marthi," so not grandpa and grandson, just an old man who solves time paradoxes and such by having Marty go down on him. And it works! Turns out licking Doc's balls is the only way to go back in time and change the future, or save your own self in case you accidentally kill your dad in the past. But I'm really glad R&M dropped it. If R&M stuck with that idea, you'd have a show like Mr. Pickles. I get it. Evil Lassie. Violently kills people but is nice around Jimmy and mom and dad. I didn't even last one episode.

infinite zest
(oh.. or what Bort said in the previous thread..) It's-a good show!

"So they oversimplified it?"

Oversimplified it and got the point entirely backwards. Schrödinger's Cat is an illustration that principles of quantum mechanics do not work at the macroscopic level, and that there needs to be a resolution to the situation that does not involve cats in indeterminate states. There are at least a couple notions out there to resolve the matter, but as yet there is no proven resolution (that I know of).

It's like Zeno's Paradox, if people took from it the conclusion "wow, I guess movement is impossible".

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