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Desc:Formerly of AOL
Category:Advertisements, Arts
Tags:AOL, ventriloquism, really bad comedy, gay panic, team building
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infinite zest
Ah yes, nothing motivates me like good clean casual racism and homophobia. Back to work team!
That guy

Miss Henson's 6th grade class
As opposed to all those tragedy ventriloquists.
Little effort had me reading the paper "Nietzche and Ventriloquism" (1995) and the adapted eponymous book chapter.

infinite zest
Thus spoke Zarathustra, or did he?

Thus spoke Zarathustra while I was drinking a glass of water

That guy
The Birth of Tragedy Ventriloquism.

infinite zest
Wooden, All Too Wooden

Crab Mentality
Truly, ventriloquism is the lowest form of comedy.
blue vein steel
i agree, came here to post the same thing.

you could cut this down to the clips with the hannibal lecter prosthesis, added -nberg to the title, and i wouldnt have blinked
The father of Crone's Disease.
infinite zest
Heh.. At first I read the title as David Cronenberg. I usually just read the first couple of letters in words to save time.

I love how the very first "joke" is just a reference to the LifeAlert ads of the late 80s/early 90s. SO TIMELY.
Oh, You Men.
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