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Desc:critically acclaimed documentary follows the Angulo brothers who were locked away from society
Category:Arts, Horror
Tags:documentary, the Lost Boys, wolfpack, angulo
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Comment count is 9
Looks insane.

Weird that their obviously insane parent(s) let them watch stuff like Nightmare on Elm Street. Then again, they were insane.
Rodents of Unusual Size
I really hope this is one of those fake docudramas. This can't be real, right?
Just watched this and it was very moving.
in a theater?

On Amazon. Based on your submission.

thanks...I didn't even know it was out yet, I will be watching it now

they're all named after figures/gods from hindu mythology. i'm very excited to see exactly what their father's deranged plan/philosophy entailed.
Binro the Heretic
They interviewed Crystal Moselle, the woman who made the film, on NPR about a month ago.

That their father could get away with what he did to them for so long shows we have a ways to go as a society. Their way of dealing with it was indeed awesome and all credit goes to them for not being as screwed up as they could be, but humanity failed these guys in so many ways it's not funny.

I so want to see this film. I want a happy ending for them.
it's really good

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