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That guy - 2015-08-20


also this game looks pretty cool, I guess

oddeye - 2015-08-20

Left... Left.... 5ft to your left... too far, fucking too far... other fucking left, what the fuck officer shitbrains? LEFT. 5FT TO THE LEFT GOD DAMN IT.

O sorry, looking at the wrong guy. Right... 7 ft to your right.. etc.

chumbucket - 2015-08-20

Things to do while living in a cul de sac.

Also, police priorites.

Potrod - 2015-08-20

Shining lasers of this type at aircraft is potentially dangerous and illegal--not sure why you think they should have ignored it.

Gmork - 2015-08-20

Remember: anything without a blinking IR beacon is an enemy. Don't fire on the church, and adjust scan elevation as necessary.

Gmork - 2015-08-20

If you're having trouble locating the enemy, try switching from white-hot to black-hot.

sasazuka - 2015-08-20


I swear the hot windshield wipers on that SUV make it look like a Pixar CARS character in infrared. Like one with its windshield eyelids only open a small crack so the wipers are the "whites" of its eyes.

infinite zest - 2015-08-20

A friend of mine got the cops called on him for using a laser pointer on his cat. It was a pretty high powered one and it went right into his next door neighbor's TV room. "POLICE HELP! THERE'S A DRUNK SNIPER AFTER ME!"

That guy - 2015-08-20

Is his cat OK?!?

infinite zest - 2015-08-20

I think so, but if you see him, tell him he still owes me about 100 bucks for internet from 2003.

That guy - 2015-08-21

Oh, I think he was my roommate for a while.

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