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Desc:A video that could actually save your life
Tags:pit bull, trolling, dog attacks
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Comment count is 23
Enjoy - 2015-08-21
I have a Black Lab and a Rhodesian Ridgeback. I feel that makes me an expert enough to say pit bull owners are some of the most ignorant and stupid people on the planet. The ridgeback and lab were raised similarly and yet the ridgeback is FAR more dangerous than that lab.

The ridgeback is probably not going to go eat a baby and may give it some friendly licks but the potential danger is so much more than the lab. The nature of my ridgeback is to guard the family and he is much stronger and can be more aggressive than the lab. I have to handle and train him differently in order to mitigate risk. Being attacked by my lab (immeasurably unlikely) would result in no meaningful injuries. Being attacked by my ridgeback (unlikely but possible) would not end well.

In summary, pit bulls are inherently dangerous. Pit bull owners, who saw their pit lick a baby once, are stupid people who love their dog so much they will make outrageous claims about the breed. Pit bull owners are generally horrible people and I don't hate pit bulls. I hate their stupid owners.
Gmork - 2015-08-21
Counterpoint - You are a fucking imbecile. Are there ignorant owners of pitbulls because they want a cheap home security system, but don't put the actual time and effort it takes to raise a family dog? You betcha.

When you leave a dog penned up and it's only consistent interaction with outsiders is hostility, you can guarantee it'll get conditioned to be aggressive.

The fact you think labs can't viciously maul someone shows how far your head is up your own ass.

"Saw a pitbull lick a baby once"

Spay and neuter your Enjoys, please.

Oscar Wildcat - 2015-08-21
Watch out for your throat and eyes, Enjoy!

Raggamuffin - 2015-08-21
Pits play so much more aggressively, and are so much more territorial than other dog breeds, but their owners always just act like they are the same as any other dog. But if you complain about how the dog keeps trying to grab things out of your hand or jumping straight into your face, the owners just say that it's either your fault or that it's just how dogs are.

Pit bull owners need to realize that it's a high energy breed that takes a lot more work to get them to behave, and that acknowledging that pits are different from other breeds doesn't mean admitting that they are bloodthirsty killers or anything.

EvilHomer - 2015-08-21
So to summarize Enjoy's position:

"I have a Rhodesian Ridgeback. My Rhodesian Ridgeback is an asshole. Therefore, pitbulls are inherently dangerous."


Pitbulls are, statistically, one of the safest dogs you can own. They have very good temperaments and work well around people, particularly children; this claim is not based on anecdotes, but on rigorous experimental analysis. You can check for yourself: {http://atts.org/breed-statistics/statistics-page1/}. Pitbulls rate higher than Golden Retreivers, Pointers, even Border Collies! The one thing you got right, Enjoy, was implying that the "problem" with pitbulls are their owners. Every "bad" pitbull has a "bad" owner. However, that is NOT the same as saying "pitbulls are inherently dangerous". Quite the opposite: if owners are to blame, then bad behavior isn't something inherent, it's something learned.

Gmork - "The fact you think labs can't viciously maul someone shows how far your head is up your own ass. " I think Enjoy's point, poorly made though it was, was about morbidity. Pitbull attacks are rare, and pitbulls are one of the safest dogs you can possibly be around, but on that rare occasion when they do attack a human, they have a significantly higher chance of doing serious damage than other breeds would. Labs could fuck you up, but they probably won't be as effective at it. This is the one, and I do mean *one*, argument that bullophobic fearmongers have going for them.

Mr Wildcat - he does have a tendency to get very angry, and I suspect that his aggression is due at least in part to the way he is treated here, but nevertheless I doubt Mr Gmork would go so far as to maul a baby or bite one of the PoeTV regulars.

Ragamuffin - that is true! I don't know many pitbull owners, and the ones I do know are well aware of the breed's energy requirements. They have large backyards, and in one case even a small forest, in which the pits can run and play. If there are pitbull owners who do not realize this - if, say, you know a pitbull owner who expects her dog to just sit around the house like a spaniel or a poodle - then of course those owners are idiots.

As to the video - if the writers of this skit are sick of people lecturing them about pitbulls, then they should work to overturn BSL. Get rid of BSL, genocide, and the culture of misinformation and fear, then there'd be nothing for pitbull owners to lecture you about.

Scrimmjob - 2015-08-21
Pitbulls are dogs that were bred for fighting. I know people with pitbulls that take good care of their dogs, but I also know that if that dog decides it wants to chew someone's face off, there isn't a lot the owner is going to do about it. Besides sit there dumbfounded as their little doggie woggie ragdolls a child around. I've fucking seen it happen.

Basically the only time I would consider getting a pitbull is if I plan on owning/operating a junk yard.

dairyqueenlatifah - 2015-08-21

teethsalad - 2015-08-21
As someone who works with dogs professionally I'd just like to say thank you for your uninformed knee-jerk bullshit opinion

Potrod - 2015-08-21
EvilHomer, those statistics about temperament don't really prove anything about a breed's safety. That pit bulls' pass rate of this particular test is significantly higher than chihuahuas obviously doesn't mean they're "safer" than chihuahuas--it just means chihuahuas are assholes. A Chihuahua is incapable of a fatal attack or doing significant damage even in the (likely) event that it attacks you. The temperament test doesn't measure a breed's potential for damage (a large component of "safety").

You're statistically more likely to be killed by a pit bull than any other breed by a significant margin--whether this is due to asshole owners or the dogs being inherently aggressive, or some combination of both or other conditions, is probably impossible to determine.

cognitivedissonance - 2015-08-22
"Pitbulls are, statistically, one of the safest dogs you can own."

Tell that to the insurance companies. Own a pit bull? Your shit can burn in a fire. No insurance for you.

godot - 2015-08-21
At the dog park, my puppy when 3 months old was pinned to the ground by separate pit bulls twice. I took to just leading Teufel to other parts of the park, but there is a notable exodus whenever a pitbull visits. These are all "dog people", and the pit owner was doubtless one of the good ones.

My nephew adopted a Hurricane Katrina rescue aged Lhasa Apso, and later a St. Bernard puppy and a young pit. After a month, and while at work, the pit mauled the Lhasa in his back yard, and toyed with the body until a neighbor called animal control. He was very lucky to be permitted to keep the St. Bernard by the SPCA and his landlady.

There are decent pits out there, just as there are decent lawyers/cops/etc. The probability of bad things happening just goes up a lot when a random pit is around.
Aelric - 2015-08-21
All dogs are great. All humans suck. That is the motto that's gotten me through life thus far.
fluffy - 2015-08-21
This video is accurate.
oddeye - 2015-08-21
Right or wrong this video is shit and unfunny.
dairyqueenlatifah - 2015-08-21

Enjoy - 2015-08-22

Chancho - 2015-08-21
I just think pit bull owners are fucking retards and really don't care about the statistics.
TeenerTot - 2015-08-22
Where I live, there are lots and lots of pit bulls in need of rescue. (If you're looking for a different breed, you're probably going to have to travel out of town a bit.) And probably 80% of those pit bulls are listed as "good with kids, not good with other dogs."
It's sad, but I really wouldn't want to handle that kind of dog.
Enjoy - 2015-08-22
Every shelter I've ever visited has a pen full of pit bulls in need of rescue. Wonder why that is?

dairyqueenlatifah - 2015-08-22
Yeah, every person I know who has a rescue dog, said rescue dogs are either pitbulls or pitbull mixes.

Bus_Aint_Comin - 2015-08-23
because the other dogs are used as bait for fighting pits every spring

Ocyrus - 2015-08-22
Just as with humans, we know that canine genetics are the driving factor in any behaviour.
Owners can make their dogs happier, and better adjusted, but they cannot change the nature of the beast.
But hey, poeTV users used to be a lot more educated in science, what happened?
betabox - 2015-08-22
We have knees, and yet they must jerk.

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